12 Things

It’s time for a new 12 Things post. I love these so much and I hope you enjoy them as well. Have fun! (as always, credit goes to Amber Fillerup :))


My mom made this slipover and I am obsessed. She is so talented and I wish I had just a couple of her skills. Should definitely learn how to knit! Can you knit?


I finally finished reading The Alchemist and Sapiens. Enjoyed both books and they definitely have taught me a lot. Especially Yuval Noah Harrari didn’t disappoint me. He is such a great author.


I restarted watching The Bold Type on Amazon Prime. Love this show so much. It’s so real and funny and inspiring and makes me want to work together with my best friends! Have you watched it?


After taking a break from running for three weeks due to hurting my foot (no idea how), I am finally back in the game. I feel so grateful that I can run again and it’s been so much fun! My goal for this month is to run 50km. So far I am at 35km…do you think I can do it? Also, if you want to know more about my running gear, click here.


Guys, I think I am done with my last paper for this semester. FINALLY. I think I had to write 5 papers in total this semester which is so much but for some reason, I wasn’t as stressed out as the semesters before. After five semesters you kind of get the hang of how to schedule your time (most of the time haha). Definitely not mad about that.


Speaking about university, I have to take a course in Literature next semester and they offer one about Jane Austen. I might have screamed a little bit when I saw that. It would be an absolute dream come true if I get in. Definitely crossing my fingers.


From time to time I can be very impatient. I would love to cut my hair again because I just love short hair. However, since the hair salons have just opened a week ago in Germany it’s almost impossible to get an appointment in the near future haha (okay, I might be a bit dramatic). Anyways, I am debating if I should let my sister cut my hair? Is that a bad idea? In the end, it’s just hair. What do you think?


As you might have seen, I started making reels on Instagram (okay only two but still). Never thought I could have so much fun especially because I skipped the whole TikTok thing.


I hoped on the train and started using Notion. Okay, I’ve just been playing around with it and I am not sure if I will use it on a day to day basis since I love my current planning system so much but it’s definitely fun and there are so many possibilities! Do you use Notion?


Yesterday I treated myself to a big bouquet of tulips. They look so pretty and make me feel so excited for spring. Are you looking forward to spring?


I have been feeling kind of off lately and the thing is I don’t even know why. Like, I have these moments where I am so happy and grateful and then other days I wake up and just feel so unhappy with myself. It’s also definitely getting to me that you still cannot really do anything due to the pandemic. What are your favorite things to do when you feel off?


Speaking of things that help when feeling off, journaling is very therapeutic to me. I love writing down all my thoughts and feelings. I’ve always been an avid journaling person but lately, it’s just been the one thing that helped me see things more clear and stop the ongoing overthinking cycle.

And that’s a wrap! I really hope you enjoyed :)) Have a lovely rest of your week!



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