Hello and welcome to Books and Peonies, my little corner to share my passion and love for books, fictional characters and a teeny-tiny bit about my life with you all!

For everybody who doesn’t know me, I am Franziska, 18 years old and from Germany. I am a book lover since I was born and I don’t want to miss all of these amazing stories and characters to fall in love with.
Besides reading I am also a big lover of flowers, stargazing, moongazing (is this even a word?!), drawing, Sherlock, being creative, soccer, taking pictures, babysitting, Hamilton, dancing, listening to music and yoga.

Mostly I’ll write about books but I can also imagine sharing my thoughts about different topics, my favorite music, a little bit of traveling and just things that make me happy with you all.

After my graduation (3rd June 2017!!!) from High School I wanted to create a new blog, with my personal domain and a new supplier. I loved my old blog but felt like not everybody had a proper access to it and I just wanted to start over again with a new face. I should have a lot of time right now for reading and writing reviews, WoW, etc. which I am super excited about!

In August I’ll open a new chapter in my life and start my 10 month in Canada. Guys, I am SUPER excited and scared! But mostly excited 🙂

Hopefully you’ll like my tiny universe of books and just me and will come back so we can share our love for books together!

Have an amazing day,

Your book lover, star gazer and flower picker Franziska