Do you know those characters, even protagonists, which you don’t like even though you haven’t read the book yet? You just don’t like them because everybody TELLS you to not like them?

What makes those characters worse than others?

What makes those characters disliked?

Why does everybody hate them? Is there even a reason?

To be honest, I thought about these questions when I was younger and fangirling about Twilight. At this point I didn’t understand why lot of people don’t like Bella Swan. She was the perfect protagonist for me and I always wanted to live in her world (I was 13!).

Over the years the opinion of those people became part of mine. That’s sad actually. Why are we influencing each other’s opinions about characters? About books, clothes, life?

Isn’t one of the best parts of reading a book to make an image about the story and its protagonists by oneself? Deciding by oneself if we like or dislike them? I mean, one’s most hated book is for sure one other’s most favorite book. Our taste is different! And that’s a good thing!

Every book and every character should get a chance. Don’t you think?

A few days ago, the young aspiring author Lena Gilmour send me an email and told me about a project she is working on.

My first thought after reading her email: Brilliant!

Now, you are, for sure, asking yourself what she was talking about.


Okay, let me tell you: Lena Gilmour had the brilliant idea of writing a book to defend all the hated women protagonists against the stereotypes. It’s called The Heroine Standard and had its beginning in Lena’s high school days when she wrote an essay about defending Daisy Buchanan (“The Great Gatsby”). I immediately was into her idea!

Here are some points what the book and each essay will include:

A discussion and defense of some of literature’s most hated female characters, including, but not limited to Daisy Buchanan, Bella Swan, and Lady Macbeth.

A discussion of the reasoning for readers’ hatred for the character talking about their story and my idea of their reasoning for acting the way they do.

Talking about the lovable attributes of the character a discussion of whether they are redeemed by the end of the story.

Conclusions about what the character teaches us through their faults.

IMG_5523 2

(Pictures via Pinterest)

Now she needs our help to put her book on the bookshelves around the world.


You are probably asking yourself right now, how we can help her.

Okay, so, Lena is asking for $500 to help cover living expenses while she is working on her book, and of course she has to hire an editor and has to marketing The Heroine Standard. She will try to do everything to finish her book within a year and is sure that it will be accepted by an agent. If she pass her goal of $500, Lena will donate 10% of the additional profit to the Indigo Love of Reading. How amazing is that, please? Helping an author publishing her first book and helping at the same time children with their first reading experience.

Now, I want to tell you how it works.

As soon as she will finish writing The Heroine Standard, it will be sent out to a list of beta readers who will review the book. Once it has been edited, it will be prepped for send-off to literary agents and the progress of publishing will start. And then we’ll cross our fingers and hope to see The Heroine Standard on the bookshelves around the world.

Heroine Standard poster

It would mean the world to me if you’d check out her project. You can fine The Heroine Standard on Kickstarter and can decide by yourself with how much money you want to support Lena. And I’d definitely check out the rewards you can get ☺️

And have in mind: It doesn’t matter with how much money you support her. Every dollar makes a change!

I wish you all a great day and I really hope you liked this post and support this great idea! You won’t regret it!

And always remember:

There is no such thing as bad people. We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things. – Colleen Hoover (It Ends With Us)


Important Links:

Lena’s Kickstarter page

Support the project

Indigo Love of Reading






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