(1) Au-Pair Update: Aug/Sep

To be honest, I can’t believe that I am already one month here in Canada on Vancouver Island. Time flies so fast! Exactly on the 11th of August I arrived at my Host Family.

A few weeks ago I had the idea of doing monthly updates about my stay here as an aupair.

I know, Books and Peonies has been mostly about books but I just thought it might be interesting for some of you to get to know another part of me and maybe these post can be helpful for all of you who want to become an aupair as well.

I decided to talk about different categories. So, if you’re not interested in one you can just skip it and jump to the next one.

I am so excited! Hopefully you’ll enjoy! Okay, let’s start!

f e e l i n g s

The first few weeks were hard.

When I arrived in Vancouver for the Orientation Days with some other aupairs I seriously could have cried constantly. I missed a person that knows me. Knows that I am afraid of a lot of things, knows that I love reading, knows that I do not like to drink, knows that tiny rooms and crowds make me nervous.

On the other side I was excited because I could start completely new BECAUSE of the fact that nobody knows me.

What I noticed the most is that you have to challenge yourself all the time. Doesn’t matter if you have to go to the bank by yourself, speak in English all the time or drive through the city, you do not know. And after those “achievements” you feel proud. That’s what I experienced. Not all the time but quite often. I already realize how much I’ve challenged myself, how many new things I’ve learned and how many things I’ve done which I would’t have done in Germany. And that makes you proud.

It IS hard but like my best friend said when I told her about everything I was feeling in Vancouver, “nobody  said it would be easy”. And that is true.

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e x p e r i e n c e s


I would say my first experience was for sure my flight to Vancouver. Looong flight and even a longer stay at the airport waiting nervously for the visa. First time of challenging yourself.

I really liked Vancouver. It’s a beautiful city even though I didn’t know a lot of sightseeing spots there. What shocked me a bit, was, how many homeless people live in Vancouver. We saw SO many! It was crazy.

Mostly we just walked through the city, to the beach, ate and slept. Oh boy, I hate jet lag!

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My host family had really busy weekends this month and I joined them for the most of the time. We were in Kelowna which is a super pretty place. I’ve explored the area a lot by myself and went to my first Canadian bookstore which was  a w e s o m e  !

I really enjoyed the sunshine and the time I had with my host family even though I got really homesick during the nights.

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Last weekend we went camping in Rathtrevor Provincial Park. I’ve never been camping before but I really really enjoyed it. I drove to the place by myself. Like this, I had the opportunity to sleep in my car which was really nice. A little bit more private and quiet.

I watched the sunset and the sunrise at a lonely beach. It was  m a g i c a l  . The whole camping area was settled in a forest which was so beautiful. I am still so in love with this place and I hope I can come back one day!

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k i d s

As you might know, I take care of two little girls (5 and 2 years old). When I arrived they still were on summer break, so the had to be entertained all the time which was sometimes a bit exhausting. Lucky me, I had help from two other nannies which looked after kids with me for the first three weeks. I’ve learned A LOT from them.

My first times alone with the two girls were good. Of course, they didn’t listen all the time and at some points I just wanted to cry because I was so overtaxed but I think and hope that’s normal.

They listen most of the time and if they don’t and are mean or just screaming at me I try to stay calm and talk with them about it. Most of the time they understand that they didn’t behave fairly and everything is fine again.

I mean, they are kids. So, of course, they have their good days and bad days. Just like me. But sometimes I just want to run into my room and cry. Anybody out there who feels the same????

Also, school started last week, which means we’ll get into our normal routine now. I drop them off and pick them up after school. In between I am off, which is amazing. In the afternoons we just play and then soon their parents are home. I like this routine and I hope they’ll get used to me and the school schedule pretty soon!

But, seriously, they are so cute and sweet and funny and I think I can be pretty happy to have them!

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h o s t  f a m i l y

Every nanny and the Aupair who worked for my host parents told me that I’ve won the jackpot. And until right now I can sign this statement.

My host parents are super nice and open and I know, I can talk with them about everything. They integrated me into the family, took me with them to their family vacations and they always make sure I have everything I need.

I talked with them about my blog and Instagram as well because I wanted to know if it’s okay to give companies my new address. And as you might have seen, I am allowed to participate in giveaways or rep searches, which makes me very happy.

One point with which I struggled a lot at the beginning was their habit of wasting food. Don’t understand me wrong, it’s not bad, really, but I just wasn’t used to throwing away food. It hurts my heart a little bit. At this point, I am still not okay with it but I accepted it and try the more to not waste food I’ve cooked for me and the girls.

m o n e y

Uff…money…well…I spend a lot of money last month.

I went to Walmart and got some things for my room. I think that’s okay because I really wanted to make my room more me.

Then I went to Michaels and guys, I almost bought a Funko!!!!!! They have them there! But I could resist. Good for my wallet!

I bought some stuff for my host girls’ first day of school gifts and allowed myself to buy some very good calligraphy pens and some other little things. Michaels is definitely my new favorite shop!!!

Of course, I spend some money on books (well…a little more than some!) and clothes but I think that’s okay as well. I mean, I am here for a limited time and it’s a one-time adventure, so I think I can allow myself some Canadian goodies.

Nevertheless, hopefully next month I can buy a little less and save a little bit more money.

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l a n g u a g e

To be honest, I haven’t had any big problems with the language. I loved speaking, writing and reading in English before, so I was used to it.

During the first week, a few German words came out of my mouth. Like, I was telling my kids or my host family about something and without willing it, some German words (once even a sentence) made their way through my mouth.

I’ve already learned so many new words and also how to understand an English speaking toddler which was a little tough at the beginning.

Speaking English doesn’t make me tired and I noticed that I even think more in English (I even dreamed in English one time!!). Of course, my English isn’t close to  be perfect but I got a lot of comments that my English is really good and that makes me happy!

Another point, which suits the category Language is, that I am currently thinking about joining an Italian language course. As some of you might know, I had my finals in Italian and I loved speaking the language. So, I thought I might keep it up and join a course, so I can improve my knowledge and do something which makes me feeling more educated. I’ll for sure update you about my decision!

r e a d i n g  s i t u a t i o n

Last but not least, my Reading Situation.

I thought that I have to include my reading situation because that’s what my blog is mostly about and I just like to update you.

As I said before, I bought a lot of books this past month. I think I bought four (I thinks that’s a lot!). So, I finished The Hard Count (review here), which I brought from home and also A Monster Calls.

Currently I am reading If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I  l o v e  it so so so so so so much!!! She is my queen!!!

At the beginning I didn’t really read a lot. I was so tired and at the evenings when I was off, I mostly watched YouTube, talked with my family (if they were awake) or just fell asleep.

But after my jet lag and after I settled more I started reading again and I am so happy about it. Hopefully, I can keep it up. I am definitely positive about it.

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That was my AuPair Update for this first month in Canada.
I would be very happy if you’d let me know what you think about this post. If it’s too long, if you want to hear about other points, if you want more or less pictures etc.

Can’t wait to see you soon again!