INSTAGRAM: Editing pictures

Often I ask myself how the heck my favorite instagrammers edit their pictures. How can their editing be so on point and I ALWAYS wish they could tell me their secrets.

Now I realized that a few of you asked YOURSELF how I edit my pictures because I got a lot of request about telling you my secret editing process. And of course, I want to tell you! It’s an unreal feeling that people ask me, the boring girl from nowhere, about tips and I more than willing you to tell.

I made a step-by-step instruction and I hope this post can help some of you! A summery will follow at the end!

1.)  t a k e  t h e  p i c t u r e

Usually I take my pictures whenever I have time and muse but unfortunately not always is the perfect time.

For me, especially, the lighting is VERY  important. In my opinion you can take the best pictures when it’s cloudy and overcast and when there is no direct sunlight. Sunlight might make your pictures blue and that’s not what we want, well I want. I want them to be white-grayish and rather warm than cold.

As you might see, this picture was taking when it was pretty rainy which means for me: perfect conditions. The lighting isn’t blueish or yellowish and just perfect for me.


2.)  e d i t  w i t h  s n a p s e e d

I love editing with snapseed because it’s so easy. The app is clear and all the potions and editing tools are easy to find and to use.

What I usually do with snapseed is editing the exposure. You can use the brush and choose between different levels. This tool is also good for making individual parts of the picture whiter than others.


3.)  e d i t  w i t h  v s c o

VSCO is my favorite editing app! I love its style and its filters! You can choose between many free filters which, I think, is amazing and I am sure you will find one which suits you and your pictures the best!

My favorite filter is A6. I am always using it. I also like to edit the contrast, the clarity and the sharpness with VSCO.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

4.)  i p h o n e  f i l t e r

Not too long ago I started to use the iPhone filters. I never really paid attention to the filters which always come with the phone but you definitely should! It’s worth it and SO easy!

So, my last step is always to go to my gallery, pick the picture I want and use the iPhone filter on it. And tadaaa! That’s it! It’s so satisfying. Definitely my favorite step!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

5.)  a l w a y s  r e m e m b e r

Always remember: this is how I like to edit my pictures, which does not necessarily mean that it suits you and your feed or theme. I am writing this post because I got so many request and because I like to share my editing process with you and to be honest to ourselves: isn’t one of the best things about Instagram that everyone takes different pictures, edits the different and just be themselves? I think so!

6.)  s u m m a r y

1 take the picture

. pay attention to the lighting. Is it cloudy, overcast, sunny?

. do you want your pictures to be warm or cold?

. do you want your pictures to be more yellow or blue?

2 edit with snapseed

. edit the exposure to get a bright, white picture

. use the brush to edit individual parts

3 edit with VSCO

. choose your favorite filter (I am using A6)

. edit contrast, clarity, sharpness

4 iPhone filter

. look if you find a filter on your phone which suits you and your theme best

5 always remember

. be yourself because that makes your pictures special


After that you are ready to go!

I really, really hope that this post, this instruction can help some of you and make you try out new apps and filters and find your own editing process.

What is your favorite editing app?

xo Franziska