LIFE: My Bucket List

A bucket list.

I feel like everyone has one and everyone is constantly working on it. It can be so hard sometimes but it’s worth it. I personally love making lists and making up my mind about all the adventures I want to experience in the future.

Under my hockey post on Instagram, someone commented if they could see the list, since I said that watching a hockey game has been on my list for a long time. This gave me the idea of making a post about my bucket list.

I plan on update it every now and then and write single posts about my adventures, like I did with the Pumpkin Patch.

I try to just write one or two sentences to every point, to make it quick and let the pictures speak for themselves.


Banff. Lake Louise. My dream. I want to have one picture with me in front of the lake, feeling alive, free and happy.


This point has been on every fall-to-do list since I started doing them. As a lover of book boyfriends, I have to watch a real game to understand why every perfect male character is the quarterback!


Every time I am on the ferry, I hope to see whales because that’s just a thing I connect with Canada.


I love Italian and I want to keep speaking it, even though I am not in Italy. I need those  positive, Italian vibes, no matter where I am.


Who doesn’t want to see a bear, when being in Canada?


Since Seattle is so close to where I am living, I definitely want to visit this city and see the Space Needle.


It’s Christmas next month and I can’t wait to celebrate it on the 25th of December instead of the 24th and see the excitement of the kids when Santa comes!


I am from a very rural area and we don’t have fancy coffee shops. Now, that I have the opportunity to take my book and my laptop and sit in a coffee shop, I definitely want to do it.


I love art. I want to spend one morning in an art gallery, by my own and just enjoy the atmosphere and the quietness.


I am in love with this city and I hope I can go back and maybe see Hamilton. Cross your fingers for me.


The nature is different here and I want to see go on a Pinterest hike!


My favorite book The Survival Kit let me fall in love with Hockey. Ever since I wanted to watch a game. 


Halloween is not popular in the part of Germany where I am from. That’s why I was so excited to experience a real Halloween!


I just have and want to.


I have a lot more time for blogging right now and I want to use it and try to make the best out of it!


I am living so close to California and I want to use this opportunity and see the Sunshine state with my own eyes.


I want to write everything down, so I can remember every feeling, thought and experience when I am back home.


Maybe this goal is not often read and I feel like no-one likes today it out load but I am going to do it right now. I have no idea if I’ll reach it or not but that is not the point. I just want to have a goal with Instagram, even though I am happy how it is at the moment.


I’ve been doing yoga at home and I always loved it, so I want to find a good yoga class here as well.


Was always my dream. I hope I can reach it.


I am a person who thinks a lot. Way too much, probably, and I want to get to know me as a person better, I want to appreciate myself more and accept how I am.


Enjoy. Just enjoy my experience and be happy.

That’s it for now. The list might change in its length now and then and I will update you.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. I loved writing and working on it.

Stay bookish and remember you are amazing!

xo Franziska

Almost every picture is from Pinterest; You can find the credits for the pictures right here.