Happy first day of  d e c e m b e r !

The busy season has begun and everyone gets stressed out with trying to find the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for their family and friends, with trying to bake a wide range of Christmas cookies, with setting up the Christmas tree and decorating the whole house. At the same time everyone wants it to be the most peaceful and thoughtful time of the year.

It’s so difficult to find the right balance!

But isn’t Christmas more about getting together, cosy and warm. Feeling peace- and thoughtful, listening to Christmas music and being kind to others?

It’s my first Christmas away from home and to be honest, I am super scared. I have no idea how I should feel about the whole Christmas thing. About setting up the tree, about celebrating Christmas one day later than usual, about not being able to go to my favorite shops for Christmas presents, about celebrating my birthday without my favorite people.

I don’t know how I am going to feel without my family around me. I already miss our Christmas tree, the advent calandar and wreath my mom always does and, of course, our traditional Christmas evening.

But at the same time, I am excited.

I am excited to see other Christmas traditions. To see the excitement of my two little girls when they talk about Santa, to do all the holiday crafts I planned on doing with them. To watch new Christmas movies and to see the whole house and yard decorated.

For a longer time I tried to think about a little project I could do during December on my blog to keep myself busy and to make the days before Christmas more fun.

I wanted to do something in which you all can participate. Something we can do together. I wanted it to be meaningful and good. Something which makes yourself feel good and something which spreads some sunshine during the stressful Christmas time.

When I asked you for ideas on Instagram, a lot of you recommended a 12 Days of Christmas thing. At the same time I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest and there I saw the Act of Kindness idea. Since I liked both a lot, I thought I am just going to combine them and call my little Christmas Project:


And here is, how it’s going to work:

Every second day I will release one task. A simple act of kindness. It can be smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for someone or not complaining for one day.

It will be every second day, because I want to give everyone, who decides to participate, enough time to fulfill the task considering the different time zones etc. .

Furthermore, I am going to share a Christmas song for every task. So, when you are going to read the post, you can listen to a song and get into the Christmas spirit. Besides, I may write a little paragraph about a Christmas tradition, share a story or poem, because a lot of you asked for it but it’s going to depend on the task.

I also thought about using the hashtag #12daysofbooksandpeonies for this project. I would love to see who participates and what you’ve achieved. So, when you want to post a picture on your story about the project or feel like telling about your experience, you can just use the hashtag and maybe tag me in the story, so I can see and share it.

I really, really hope, you will like this idea and I am already so excited to see who is going to participate. It’s my first project, my first hashtag etc. and I really, really hope it’s going to be fun and that a lot of kindness and happiness is going to be spread!

Let the holiday season begin and see you tomorrow with my first task!

Much love, Franziska