Last Christmas ⎪ #12daysofkindness (1)


This song means so much to me. I’ve chosen it to be the first song of my 12 days of kindness because I like to think about my last Christmases.

Having all my friends around me. Bringing Christmas cookies to school, making advent calendars for birthdays, dancing and singing to Last Christmas. And this every single year. Lea, if you are reading this, you can confirm it, right?

When I first heard the song on the radio here in Canada my heart broke a little bit. All the memories flashed by and I felt so alone. I was scared of the thought of this year’s Christmas. It might not seem as big of a deal and honestly, I never thought it would be a one for me but as closer as it gets, my whole feeling towards Christmas gets weird. I don’t find any motivation to plan my birthday or to listen to Christmas music or enjoy the Christmas decoration.

And it annoys me. This weird feeling I have. I want to enjoy this special time and experience Christmas to its fullest. That’s probably going to be my only opportunity celebrating Christmas in another country and I should try my best to make it special and unforgettable. I want to spread positivity and gratefulness and interest. I don’t want to be sad.

That’s why I decided that the task for today will be to


I, personally love smiling at other people. The smile and joy you possibly get back is priceless. I also love seeing people walking and smiling all by themselves. Every time I see them, I wish I have such a radiance. A smily, positive one. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have to smile all the time. There are bad days and sometimes you just want to be mad and that is totally fine but because it’s Christmas, the season of kind- and generousness, we can at least try to brighten up someone else’s day. Give them some joy and a good memory of the day. I believe that a smile can change a mood, a situation or a memory. Isn’t that a pleasing thought?

So, try to smile a bit more today because you look good with it on your face and spread some sunshine.


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Much love, Franziska


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