Snow ⎪ #12daysofkindness (2)


Snow by Sleeping At Last

I listened to this song for the very first time three years ago. Every time I hear the vocals, a special feeling hits me and I remember the first time listening to it sitting in the bus on my way to school during the end of November. That was the day I fell in love with Sleeping At Last‘s music.

The song reminds me of the Christmas period, about the first snow, about wrapping presents and this year I want to create a new memory. I want to connect Snow with the  feeling of kindness. I want the song to remind me of something happy, of Canada and this different holiday season. I want to listen to it and feel reminded of all of this. That might sound super cheesy but music brings so many memories back and it’s like you are re-living them. Sometimes I wish, I could.

But now on to today’s task:


I am always feeling good after doing someone a favor. After putting a smile on someone else’s face. Letting someone ahead of you in line means generousness and that you care about others and that’s exactly the thing I want to achieve with this little Christmas challenge. Christmas is about thinking of others. Helping others, caring about them and I know, that this little task isn’t a big thing. It’s not going to change the world but it’s a first step in the right direction, I’d say. And, like I said before, we never know, if this little act of kindness might change someone else’s current mood. I like thinking about making some else happy.

I feel like these posts are so so so cheesy but I hope you don’t mind. Sometimes I have a hard time bringing across what I want to express but I am working on it and I have a feeling that it will get better with every new post.

I hope, you enjoy today’s challenge and don’t forget to share your experience.

What makes you happy?


Much love, Franziska


Note: I always try to attach the Spotify Play Button to my posts since it would be so much easier to listen to the song while reading. The problem is, as soon as I save, close and reopen the post, the play button is away and only a link to the song shows up. I read that I might need a plugin or something, but I am not sure.

So, if you had the same problem or know how to fix it, I would be happy if you’d let me know. Thank you, my favorite readers!