Christmas Lights ⎪ #12daysofkindness (3)


Play the song here: Christmas Lights – Coldplay

I remember writing one of my very first bookstagram captions about the lyrics of Christmas Lights. Unfortunately I deleted the picture from Instagram but saved it on my computer!

Here it is (I know, don’t judge me, not edited at all and nothing special…but that was how I started 🙃)


Nothing special but…well…Christmas Lights 🙌🏼

Aren’t Christmas Lights one of the first things which make a city, a house, a room feel more christmasy? Don’t they bring the special Christmas spirit with them?

I love Christmas Lights. I already bought four chains here in Canada, yes, you can call me crazy but I wanted my room to feel more cosy and besides, my Christmas tree needed some too, right?

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Christmas Lights bring the spirit with them, make your heart warm up and let the room feel cosy. So, why aren’t we going to be the Christmas Lights for someone else today?

 My task for today:


I would say this is a real challenge, isn’t it?

So, you might ask yourself: “what does she mean with ‘hand out uplifting notes’?!”. Well, let me tell you. Basically, you are going to take a piece of paper, write something nice and uplifting on it, maybe wish a merry Christmas and then stick it somewhere, so people can see it. It can be in a supermarket on a cereal box or on the windshield of a car. Wherever you want.

To be honest, this is going to be though for me as well. Just because I am not that kind of person. I have hard time getting out of my comfort zone and to do something like this needs a whole lot of courage but we can do it together!

I would love, love, love to see your notes. So, if you decide to do the challenge, send me a picture or share it, so I can see it. It would warm my heart up.

Throw around some kindness today, don’t forget to smile and see you soon!

Much love, Franziska


Pictures via Pinterest