(4) Au-Pair Update: Nov/Dec

It’s my four-month update. Almost halftime! Unbelievable. A lot happened this month, so let’s jump into this update!


f e e l i ng s

I would say it was a really mixed month. I had a lot of fun but at the same time, as closer Christmas came, I thought a lot and got pretty sad at some points. For example, when my host family set up their Christmas tree. It’s so weird. I’ve never thought that the holiday season here in Canada might affect me as much as it does right now. Really, I’ve never imagined it.

I just hope that the sadness will not stop me and my love for Christmas and that it will not prevent me from enjoying the holiday season with my host family. I mean, I talk to my parents almost every day and so, it’s like I am still with them and experiencing the whole Christmas preparation with them, as every year.

It’s hard but I think that it is something which comes along with being abroad for a year. Challenging yourself is the one thing you will not be able to protect yourself from and that is good. It’s good and it has to be like that. We’ll become stronger because of it and that’s what we are here for, right?


e x p e r i e n c e s

movie night

This month my girls finally got to have their movie night, I promised them for their birthdays. We watched High School Musical, of course 🙃  and had Popcorn and a lot of other really good food. We built a tent, put a lot of stuffies, blankets and pillows inside and hung Christmas Lights on the wall. It was SO cosy and I felt like a kid again.

I had a lot of fun and I think we might do it more often now.



Well…hockey keeps being a part of my monthly updates now, I guess and I have nothing against it, to be honest 🌚 I just love it. I love watching the game, seeing the players, talking with my friend and just having a good time.

So, you better be excited for more hockey updates!

1512585889996christmas preparation / christmas parade

On one weekend in November my host family decorated the whole house and set up the Christmas tree and it was a weird feeling but I also enjoyed it. Seeing the excitement on my girls faces made ME excited. I just would have never thought that Christmas would affect me that much. I thought that it might be sad at some point but the fact that I know it would be, would make it easier. Well…it didn’t but that’s okay. It’s part of being abroad and I am excited to see how Christmas is going to be.

We’ve also been on a Christmas Parada which was kind of a fail. Well…there was almost no Christmas music and way too long breaks and the fact that my girls just wanted to see Santa and he was on the last truck, was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience!


my birthday

I really thought that I will be really sad on this day without my family and friends. When I woke up yesterday it was a really weird feeling to just see messages and to know that I am not going to see all of my friends in one our at our school (props to Lea for this expression! It’s true!). But somehow it became better. When I went downstairs to my host family and they congratulated me and even gave a little present, I felt very welcome and good. Even though I stayed in bed all afternoon because the sickness decided to arrive at my birthday 🌚 I had a good birthday. Another Au-Pair came visiting me and at the evening we went on a little dinner which was so nice. I never thought it but the day wasn’t sad at all. I am really happy and grateful!

On Saturday I am going to have another dinner with some friends and I am already excited how it’s going to be.


k i d s

I am so happy about my two girls. They are so sweet and funny and never fail to challenge me and my abilities to keep them busy. I still love doing crafts with them and I think, sometimes I am more excited about them than they are.

They had a pretty difficult time a couple weeks ago and sometimes I doubted myself during it. I think it’s incredible how little kids can make you feel, even though you are so much older than they are but we worked through it and I think and hope that our relationship grew even stronger because of it.


 h o s t  f a m i l y

I can’t say anything else than that I love my host parents. They are amazing people and sometimes, when they do little things, like getting something from the supermarket you talked about or telling you about their future plans or when you just can have fun with them, it’s seriously the best feeling. They also made my birthday so so special. I was really lucky, I would say and I am so grateful for them.

Sometimes I think I might not be enough thankful and I am still afraid to disappoint them at some point. I think one of the biggest problems is that I always want to do everything in the most perfect way. I know, I am just human and I can’t be perfect all the time but that’s what I try to do. Not on purpose. I think it’s just me. I definitely have to try working on it.

m o n e y

Uff…do we really have to talk about money? Actually, it has been a pretty good month if we do not consider the high shipping costs for all the Christmas cards and presents for back home… it’s inhuman, seriously!

Other than that, I think I did pretty good. I try to save a little bit for my planned trip to the United States next year (cross your fingers for me, please!).

I think I might spend a bit more money on Christmas presents for my host family but I hope it’s going to be okay.


l a n g u a g e

To be honest, I never know, what to say. Well…like I said all the other times before, it’s so hard to say if you improve your English better or not. What I realized is that I am SO much more aware of the mistakes I make. It drives me crazy sometimes and I just don’t know what I can do more to get better. I mean, I speak English the whole day, I read English books, I write my blog in English etc. Do you have any ideas?

Probably it just takes time but I am so impatient!

r e a d i n g  s i t u a t i o n

Let’s not talk about my reading situation, okay? Okay.

Well…it’s not the best. No book is the one which can get my out of my poor reading slump. I am currently reading my favorite book, which I enjoy a lot but the problem is that I have so many other books on my tbr and books I HAVE to read and review and so, a book I’ve already read a hundred times is not really helping.

Yes, the struggle is real.


w h a t  I  a m  e x c i t e d  f o r

Hmm…what I am excited for…for sure Christmas. Even though, I feel weird about it, I am excited to experience this different Christmas.

And of course New Year’s Eve. The day when I can say that my parents are coming to visit me this year. Exciting, don’t you think?



We did it! 1337 words later 🙌🏼

I can’t believe that my next update will be my half-time one. Five month. Wow. That is incredible and I am excited for it. But let’s live in the moment, enjoy the time right now and I would say, I’ll see you soon.

xo Franziska