Hoping for Snow ⎪ #12daysofkindness (6)

IMG_1605Listen to the song: Hoping for Snow – The Vamps

Who is not Hoping for Snow before Christmas? I do. Every single year. Snow brings the Holiday feeling with it and it’s always something special seeing the first snow of the season fall. It’s magical and everyone seems to be in a better mood, cheerful and happy (until you have to drive on the icy roads…just saying 🌚).

Why don’t we use this happiness for an act of kindness. Even if there is no snow at the moment we can still hope that there is going to be one on Christmas and let’s use this hopeful happiness then.

My task for today is to


It’s an easy and basic task. You can do it in public or at home. Holding the door open for someone is always a nice gesture. Smile while doing it and the smile you might get back will be priceless.

Have a great day, spread some kindness and see you in my next post. Definitely keep me updated on how your challenge is going!

Much love, Franziska


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