It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ⎪ #12daysofkindness (9)


Listen to the song: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Johnny Mathis

You can find another edition of the song I enjoy right here.

Now, four days before Christmas Eve it’s indeed beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It snowed for the first time two days ago which made the Christmas feeling even more real. Everyone tries to find the best last – minute gift, the house is getting the finishing Christmas decoration touch, gifts are going to be wrapped and everything is going to be super busy these last few days.

That’s why my task for you today will be to


You can help someone wrapping their gifts or run to the store and get a thing for them. Maybe you can help making cards or borrow your wrapping paper to someone. It doesn’t matter but I promise you that the other person will be thankful about your help. Sometimes we just have to help a little more.

But for now, have a great day, spread some kindness and I see you in my next post. Definitely keep me updated on how your challenge is going!

Much love, Franziska


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