Underneath the tree ⎪ #12daysofkindness (10)


One of the most exciting things about Christmas is, of course, the presents underneath the tree. I know, no-one doesn’t really like to talk about presents and it’s rather unpleasant to talk about what you wish for this year and what you have received. I think it’s totally okay to be excited for presents as long as the excitement doesn’t cast a shadow over the actual story and the sense behind Christmas. One of the most important things while getting presents is, of course, to say thank you. To try to take nothing for granted and to be thankful.

That’s why my task for today is to


Why not start early? Three days before Christmas. Start saying thank you more often. Start being more grateful, start being more happy about what you have. Maybe you can make a list and write about all the things you said thank you for today. I know it’s going to be a long one 🙂

But for now, have a great day, spread some kindness and I will see you in my next post. Definitely keep me updated on how your challenge is going!

Much love, Franziska


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