BOOKS: My bookish journey 2017

Before I am going to rant, get emotional and tell you about my year 2 0 1 7 I wanted to show you how my bookstagram feed changed from January to December this year.

I think you can see a big change, a progress and that makes very happy and proud. My pictures got more detailed, my color scheme changed now and then and my editing skills improved.

I learned a lot but I will talk about this after the pictures. Enjoy 🙂


J A N U A R Y – F E B R U A R Y – M A R C H




A P R I L – M A Y – J U N E




J U L Y – A U G U S T – S E P T E M B E R




O C T O B E R – N O V E M B E R – D E C E M B E R




2 0 1 7 is almost over. Just a few hours left.

This year has been my first full year with bookstagram and I can’t believe what a big part of my daily life it became. I learned so much. I improved my photography and editing skills and learned how to communicate with a few brands, authors and publishers. I got to know the best people.

I’ve realized that taking pictures, talking about books and my daily life is something I am kinda good at. At least considering the feedback I get and the fun I have with doing it. Thank you all so much. I wouldn’t be at this point right now without you.

Two years ago I started my first blog. It was called enter my wonderland and I wanted to mostly be like all the fashion and lifestyle bloggers with a touch of book talks. Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted to talk about books but I just didn’t know that a lot of people would be interested.

After a few month I realized that it doesn’t work out. Don’t get me wrong (again), I loved writing the posts, taking pictures with my sister, dressing up, simply because that’s what I always loved to do. I’ve always been interested in fashion but I realized that I would have to put way more effort in the whole story, way more more money to be more ‘successful’ and I couldn’t do.

That’s when I separated my two blogs and called my fashion/lifestyle and, now also, travel blog field of peonies. I decided to make an only book blog which I called umgeben von büchern. That was the start of bookstagram. I wanted to create an account for my book blog and uploaded random book pictures now and then when I published a blog post. Of course, I deleted them after a certain time and I wish I wouldn’t have done it.

At the beginning of 2 0 1 7 I started to experiment more with my pictures. I wanted to improve my skills and just experimented with my photography and editing. A lot of people helped and inspired me and I am so grateful for that.

When I decided write my captions in English and not German anymore, I felt the need of changing my username, so that it is more international. I put two of my favorite things together and named myself books and peonies. I stopped writing on field of peonies, changed my blog name and concentrated on books only.

In  m a y  I reached 1000 followers which was and it is still so crazy. In  j u n e  I decided to get my blog more professional. I started a wordpress account, got my own domain and started writing on this blog.

And there I am now.

I am in Canada, still taking pictures and writing blog posts. I expanded my topics to Au-Pair life, being kind and what not and it makes me happy. Being able to not only write about books or just about fashion or for I don’t know, but about all the things which move me, make me sad or happy or inspired.

I met so many new, amazing, inspiring people. I created my own little space on the internet and I feel so grateful for all the feedback I have received and still am receiving.

I can’t wait to see where 2 0 1 8 takes me. Where I will be in a year from now. If I still will be blogging and fangirling. Where I will be living, if I will be studying, which places I’ve travelled to.

Guys, I can’t wait for a fresh start, a new year, new experiences and adventures, finding myself, fighting against my anxiety, being more happy, seeing my family and friends again, growing with you all.

Happy new year, booksters.

xo Franziska