AU-Pair Q&A: Application process, Family requests, Contact to Host Family, Packing Tips

That’s the second post of my Au-Pair Q&A series. The first is linked right here, if you want to check it out.

I really hope you enjoy this one and I can help some of you with my answers. Please, feel always free to ask me questions! That’s why I am here 🙂

But now, let’s jump into my second Au-Pair Q&A.


T H E  A P P L I C A T I O N  P R O C E S S  I N  G E N E R A L

First step: Applying for the visa or how it’s called ‘Application to Apply’. Canada has a limited amount of visa for Germany. I don’t know about other countries, unfortunately.

Applying for your visa is one of the first steps you have to do to become an Au-pair. My organization sent my a step-by-step instruction and helped with questions. After your application you have to wait and wait and wait and if you are lucky a notification with the title Your application to work in Canada has been approved will pop up in your inbox. It is exciting, believe me and I would really suggest trying it. If you start early there is more than likely a change you will get one.

At the same time while applying for the visa you start with your actual application.

Our second step.

My organization had different pages where you had to fill in informations about your hobbies, character, babysitter experiences, health state etc. You will also have to write a host family letter, need to get character and babysitter references, have to have a drivers license (most of the time at least) and a passport (very important! Especially for the visa application!) and my organization required an application video and picture collages of yourself, babysitter kids etcbut I think not every organization requires a video.

Side note: Would you like to see a few clips of my video? Or parts of my host family letter? If yes, I could consider sharing parts on my Instagram story. Just let me know!

Let’s jump to our third step.

After you have all documents together you will have to go to an interview with one from the organization and talk about your application and have a little conversation in English. I really thought it would be horrible but it was pretty calm and I liked getting more informations 🙂

Fourth step.

When you have everything together, went to the interview and have your visa (or even before) your profile gets activated and you get visible for possible host families.


H O W  F A S T  D I D  Y O U  F I N D  Y O U R  F A M I L Y ?

It was pretty fast, actually. They were my first family request. I had two in total before I decided to choose the family I am living with now.

I heard that the organization is holding back requests which I find on the one hand good because you can’t get overwhelmed but on the other hand it is also a bit frustrating because you put so much effort in your application and want to get feedback, of course. Though I am not sure if the information of holding request back is right.

My host family was the first family I skyped with and to be honest I wasn’t sure about them and I don’t know why.

I think, and that is always me, I wanted to make the most perfect decision and therefore my brain said I had to wait and wait and wait for other requests to compare them. Well, the problem could be that the family you actually like will be taken by another Au-Pair and then you won’t be able to compare AT ALL. That’s what my mom told me and so I decided to skype with them again.

After my skype call with another family and the sweet Email I’ve received from my first family I decided to Skype with them again and then I already knew I would choose them as my host family.

It was really hard for me to make this decision. Not because of the family but more because of myself and my hard time with making decisions. Now, I am more than glad I’ve taken them. The city I am living in is beautiful, the kids and my host parents are such amazing people and I feel very grateful about them!

My tip is really to listen to your tummy and heart but give the families a little time and talk to them at least two times before you decide. All will be well!


D I D  Y O U  H A V E  E X C H A N G E S  W I T H  Y O U R  H O S T  F A M I L Y  B E F O R E  Y O U  L I V E D  W I T H  T H E M ?

I think I had three or four Skype calls with them and one with their last Au-Pair. We’ve always been in contact through Email though.

Quick site note: It’s so unbelievable to write about how all started while laying in bed and listening to the singing of my little one in front of my door which you could translate as ‘COME OUT AND PLAY WITH ME!’. Crazy!


W H A T  D I D  Y O U  P A C K  A N D  W H A T  D O  Y O U  R E G R E T ( N O T ) T A K I N G W I T H  Y O U 

To be honest, I feel like I did pretty good in packing. My big tip would be though to JUST take things, especially clothes with you, you wear regularly at home.

I, for example, took a brown leather jacket with me. I’ve never worn it at home, so why would I wear it here? I don’t know. I took it with me anyways, which was dumb in retrospect. I could have taken my curling iron with me and so I wouldn’t have to buy one here now. Ohhhhh wellllllllllll

Anyways! You always have to have in mind that you are going to a country where stores exist. Where people live and work and buy stuff. So, don’t worry too much and just take things and clothes with you, which are important.

What I did was, I asked my parents to send me my winter clothes with the mail. It worked for me because I didn’t need them immediately and saved a lot of weight and space in my suitcase.

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I hope you enjoyed the questions and my answers. I have a few other Q&As planned since I have lots of questions left. So, stay tuned!

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xo Franziska