MUSIC: My favorite movie soundtracks

A few weeks ago I asked if you would like me to share my movie soundtrack playlist  with you all because I love listening to the instrumental soundtrack of movies. It makes me feel super calm and it’s kind of my kind of classic 🌚

I think, I am just going to share my playlist right here and pick a few favorites and tell you a little bit more about them.




Why am I telling and showing you about this playlist, you may ask.

Well…I thought you might like to find some new songs which a perfect for your studying or reading playlist or you discover a new genre you might like or you get interested in a new movie. Who knows?

Movie tracks you can find in my playlist are Me before You, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Cinderella, Harry Potter, The Peanuts Movie and way way way more.

I have to say that I haven’t watched all of the movies I present you, which is fine because I am not reviewing the movies right here but their soundtracks. And by reviewing I mean telling you my deep love for them 🌚

t h e   g r e a t   s e c r e t – cinderella

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It all started with Cinderella.

I always loved to listen to movie soundtracks and probably I didn’t discover my love for them through Cinderella but when I was way younger and a huge Twilight fan. I bought all the movie soundtrack CDs and listened to them week after week.

With Cinderella I started to create this playlist because I just totally fell in love with the movie and its gentle melody. Have courage and be kind became one of my motto and while listening to this soundtrack you can concentrate, dive into another world and feel a little bit like Cinderella herself.

t r a n s f o r m a t i o n – beauty and the beast

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I watched Beauty and the Beast just a few weeks before the new movie adaption was released and I fell in love, of course. I loved that it was a musical I like the transformation song the most just because of the singing in the end which makes it super special, in my opinion.

I don’t know how Disney is doing it but they always give their movies with the most beautiful music.

g l a s g o w   l o v e   t h e m e – love actually

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My most favorite Christmas movie in the whole wide world. It’s very special to me because my mom showed me the movie when I was little and ever since then we watched it together every year.

And what can I say (you might already know), Craig Armstrong totally let me fall in love with his music. It’s not the only movie in my playlist featuring his music. Just saaaayingggg

h o t e l   s a y r e – the great gatsby

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I haven’t read or watched the story before but I should, just because of this track. I like the gentle melody at the beginning and that it gets dramatic afterwards. And then of course the singing at the end.

When I first discovered this song I listened to it a whole day, over and over again. Just because it’s so beautiful.

And again: Craig Armstrong wrote the music.

m e   b e f o r e   y o u   o r c h e s t r a l – me before you

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Who didn’t like Me before You?

When I started to read the book  for the first time, I indeed, didn’t like it but with my second attempt I totally fell in love with the story and its characters. And the movie, oh my lanta. It’s so gorgeous.

To be honest, I discovered the music after I watched the movie. And this one is by far (okay, with the Paris song) my favorite track.

It’s super calming, you can concentrate while listening to it and my favorite part starts at 4:23. SOOOO beautiful. A little bit dramatic and then it calms down again. The perfect mixture.

And who wrote the music? Right, Craig Armstrong.

e p i l o g u e  –  la la land

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I watched La La Land just a few days ago for the first time and now I can totally understand why everyone loves the movie so much.

The characters and their singing is amazing and the songs and its melody just perfect.

I liked this track a lot because it has the whole movie summed up which is the best you can get, right?





That’s it.

I really, really hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I know, it was probably a little bit cheesy and I used the word love a lot but I always get super excited about music and I really am in love. Also, I am not a song critique, so please don’t judge me if I used the wrong words or interpreted something wrong.

Hopefully you could find some new favorites and if you have any recommendations, definitely tell me about them in the comments below or send me a dm on Instagram!

Have a great day and see you soon.

xo Franziska