INTERIOR: How to decorate your walls

As a lot of you might know, my hidden passion is to decorate walls. I started trying it out after I signed up for Pinterest, simply because I wanted my room to be as inspiring as a Pinterest board.

Usually I print out my most favorite pictures from Pinterest and redecorate my wall when I am in the mood, the weather or season changes or when I need some new motivation and inspiration.

First, I’ve had some wall designs with just Pinterest pictures. Then I liked adding different materials and pictures, like dried flowers, polaroids, posters etc. .

Here, in my room in Canada, I wanted to try out something new and used grocery bags to make myself my own night sky or, like recently, my own solar system with which I am so happy. Basically I saved our brown paper grocery bags and cut out the shapes of  different stars and moons and planets. I wanted it to look magical and creative and unique and will probably use it for my portfolio, I am working on at the moment.

Over the time I got a few questions about my walls and I thought I am going to share a few “inside” tips  with you, in case you want to try out decorating your walls as well.

My tips for decoration your walls:

  • Make a list of topics, materials etc. you would like to decorate your wall with
  • When you print out your pictures, make sure the different pictures are different sizes. It looks way nicer (in my opinion) when they aren’t all the same, especially when you are going for a more random style
  • For putting pictures on your wall, roll tape, so it’s sticky on both sides and put it on the back of your pictures. Simple tape should be the easiest to take off your walls  without leaving any traces later. I once used Powerstripes and ripped off the wallpaper which was very unhappy
  • Use colorful washitape for accents. You could hang up single pictures or dried flowers with washitape which will make your wall look super cute
  • Be creative. Use different materials, hang up your own artwork or memories from different people or places. You can even think about a topic or something you really enjoy and try to work with it. For example, if you like flowers, you could collect different kinds, dry them and make a little quick reference guide for flowers or when you like stars, like me, you could do your own night sky with self made stars

When decorating your wall, be yourself. Just put up the things which truly inspire and motivate you because, I mean, you will have to look at this piece of art almost every day, right?

Now, I collected all pictures I’ve found about my walls, I decorated. Feel free to tell me which of them is your favorite. I would be really interested!

Also: At the end I will share the link to my wall inspiration board on Pinterest. Just in case you are looking for some inspiration.


Get to my wall inspiration board on Pinterest right here 🌙

I know, this post is pretty different from the posts I usually share but I thought that some of you might me interested and if not, that is totally fine.

Which of my walls was your favorite? And what do you think about this kind of blog post? Let me know in the comments below ☺️

xo Franziska