(11) Post Au-Pair Update: Jun/Jul

Hi guys! It’s been a month exactly since I came home. Unbelievable.

I thought I am going to write one last Au-Pair Update and tell you about how I felt when I came home, how the contact to my host family is etc. and I hope you are interested in this kind of post.

IMG_8036.PNGf e e l i n g s

At the beginning I didn’t know how to feel. The question if I am happy to be back home, I always received, put me under a lot of pressure but I always answered yes. It was partly true. Of course, I was happy to be back at home with my friends and family around me but during the first one to two weeks I just wished to hop onto a plane and go back to Canada. I missed my Canadian life a lot. I missed my host family, my puppy and just the feeling of being away from home. And that I couldn’t sleep because of the Jetlag didn’t help me getting any better either.

Now I am in a better place, I would say. I still miss Canada a lot and think of my experience every single day because it is just such a big part of my person now. What helps me a lot is keeping myself busy. I did a two weeks internship which was amazing and provided me with a task. I also have redone my room, wrote some blogpost and planned my trip to London. It all helped me a lot getting over this goodbye pain and I would definitely recommend everyone to stay busy if you are going through the same as me.

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c o n t a c t  t o  m y  h o s t  f a m i l y

I’ve had one FaceTime call with my host family so far and it was amazing and strange at the same time. I loved talking to my kids, my puppy and my host parents but seeing them in their usual Saturday morning routine which I knew in and out felt very strange. Strange because I wasn’t part of it anymore. I think that was the first time I realized how far away they are now and that I am not part of their daily life anymore, in the way I was before. It hurt a little bit, but, of course, it has to be like that. It would make me worry more if they wouldn’t get back into a routine without me.

I get snaps of my host kids from my host mom and my host grandma (is that even a thing?!) sends me pictures of the kids from time to time which is great 🙂

I try to text and update them as well and I really hope we’ll see each other very soon again 🙂

Yep, that’s my dog waiting in front of my door for me to come back :,(

l i f e  i n  g e r m a n y

Like I imagined it to be, my life is the same. Except the fact that I spent a year in Canada and grew so much as a person. Sometimes it’s hard to combine those two things and I had to find a way to do so. I think that is also part of the reason why I’ve completely redone my room. I needed a change. I needed to include parts of Canada in my room and I am so happy how it turned out, as you might have noticed 🙂

I also realized how much more independent I have become and find it weird, that my mom, for example, makes me laundry or organized a dentist appointment for me. I know she meant it in the best way and I appreciate it a lot but I am just not used to it anymore.

So, if you come home after a long time, be ready to see everything changed and not changed at the same time. It is weird at first and it needs time to adjust to that new/old life but you can do it, I am sure 🙂

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w h a t  i  a m  e x c i t e d  f o r

I was very excited about my internship. I loved it a lot and I think working with kids suits me well 🙂

Now, I am really excited to go to London this week. It’s my first time and I can’t wait to see Bakerstreet, drink coffee in cute cafes and speak English again 🙂 And other than that, university is starting in October and I am pretty excited to see where I will be going and what I will be doing. At the moment I am not so sure about everything but I know I’ll find the right thing 🙂


That was my teeny tiny post au-pair update and I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 For now it will be the last one but if you have any questions about anything Au-Pair related, don’t hesitate and email or dm me on Instagram. I would be happy to help 🙂

Have a great week,

xo, Franziska