LIFE: 10 Tips on how to start your day right


A morning routine is something great and something I learned to appreciate . Especially, after I came home from Canada I needed something which kept me busy and so I developed my own morning routine which I am still constantly working on.

Today, I thought, I am going to show you what I do, to start my day right and maybe I can help and inspire some of you.

Of course, at some days I won’t be able to motivate myself to wake up early, go for a run and learn something new but the tips, I am listing underneath, definitely make me feel better and I try to include them in my everyday routine because I like starting my day happy and with lots of energy.

1. Wake up with the sun

A few weeks ago, when I still went to my internship, I woke up at around 5 a.m. and it was the most magical thing. Everyone else was still sleeping and the sun was just waking up as well. Even though it was so early in the morning I felt like I had so much energy and later, on my way to the school, I was a lot happier and calm since I already managed to finish some tasks before the ‘real’ day started.

Of course, if you want to wake up at 5 a.m., you can’t go to bed at midnight, so, I would recommend that everyone has to find out for themselves if waking up early works for them and their routine. For me it does. Not always, but a lot of times and that’s why I thought I am going to share it in this post.

2. + 3. Start your morning aware + take deep breaths

If you start your mornings aware, you will experience more gratefulness and combined with the deep breaths, it’s almost like a mini meditation. Just be more aware of your environment. What sounds you can hear, if it’s cold or warm, how the blankets feel and even what the day might bring.

That’s also a perfect option, if you don’t have time for a meditation in the morning or even if meditating is nothing for you.

4. Meditate and Pray

I love mediation. It helps me so much with being more happy and calm and start the morning feeling good. It really has become part of my routine because I realized that if I don’t meditate in the morning, I feel like something is missing.

As some of you might know, I am using the app, called Headspace and just recently I signed up for the Pro Version. It’s definitely worth it. You will have access to hundreds of meditations, mindfulness exercises, and animations to help you build your practice. I am a big fan and can totally recommend you to check it out!

The next point is more personal, but I pray every morning after I wake up and thank God for the new day. It’s really important to me.

5. Go for a run

Okay, so I did that a few times before I went to London. During London and our Austria vacation, I didn’t find the time to go for a run that early in the morning but it is the best. Seriously.

I like running but I don’t like it when I meet people every two meters and feel like they are judging me (they probably don’t but that’s what my mind tells me). So, the good thing about an early morning run is, that everyone else will be still sleeping and you will feel SO great after it, I promise. Even if it’s hard in the beginning and needs lots of self control to get you out of your bed, you will be so proud of yourself and it definitely is one of the best feelings!!

6. Five Minute Journal / Journaling

When I was in Canada Intelligent Change sent me their Five Minute Journal. I knew about them before since I already used their app. Now, that I have the book, I am not using the app at the moment because I just find it nicer to be off my phone and fiscally write the things I am grateful for down.

It’s definitely something I would recommend to do. You don’t need to have the book for it. Simply note down what you are grateful for. It just takes a few minutes and that’s why it’s such an easy, yet helpful task.

7. Make a Plan

To-Do lists are my life. I am not kidding. If I had to live without them, my life would be even more chaotic than it already is. So, I try to make a plan (to-do list) every night before I go to bed or in the morning, after I wake up.

It helps me stay organized and have an overview of the tasks for the day.

8. Hydrate

After you wake up, your body is really dehydrated. So, I would recommend drinking some water before your coffee since coffee dehydrates as well. Water is important anyway, so your body will definitely thank you, if you start your day with a glass of it.

9. Learn something new

Okay, so, that’s a thing I just tried out recently. I got myself a cute jar and filled it up with topics and questions I want to learn more about.

Today, for example, I read articles about how to eat healthy and what things are good for your body. I write down the most important points in a journal, so I can look back if I need to and generally, it’s easier for me to remember things if I write them down.

What I like the most about it, is, that I can decide by myself what I want to learn, how long I want to spend time learning it and that there is just one thing for everyday, so I don’t get overwhelmed with too many questions at once (which happened to me before!).

I know, that this might not be working when I am going to university but at the moment it’s something I really enjoy.

10. Set yourself a challenge for the day

My challenges are all minimalism and mindfulness related, which means no phone for the day, clean out my wardrobe etc. since it’s something I am interested in at the moment.

Of course, you can choose whatever challenge you want (e.g. finish the book you are reading at the moment, clean up your room etc.) but it’s definitely something I find worth trying out and I’ve been really loving it lately.