TRAVEL: My Top 6 Travel Tips


This year I’ve traveled more than all years combined before. I’ve been on so many flights, have seen so many different places and met so many new people that I would say, I definitely developed more and more of a travel routine.

Since I collected so many experiences in traveling, I thought, I am going to share with you what I do to have a more comfortable flight/traveling experience and hope I can help some of you and take away some of the stress, traveling can cause. Maybe you already know some of the tips or you discover game-changing new ones. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy this post. Thank you for reading!!


1. Organized Hand Luggage

It’s always super important for me to have my hand luggage organized. I choose a fixed place for my passport, phone, board card etc. before going on a trip, so everything is reachable and always at the same place.

Also, make sure you have all your important stuff in your hand luggage and not your carry-on, first piece of hand luggage. It always stresses me out when I have to get stuff from the storage above my seat, so I always make sure to have everything in my purse or backpack. Way more stress free!

2. Water and Snacks

For some reason I never knew that you can bring packaged, dry snacks with you on the plane as long as you take them out at the security check. My host parents made me bring snacks for Hawaii, which was a game changer, for sure!! Ever since then I bring loads of granola bars, nuts, cookies etc. on my plane rides. Perfect snacks for in between and you won’t spend as much money at your local grocery store as at the airport.

ALSO: water. I would suggest to always bring a separate water bottle with you. Either bring your own bottle, empty it before security check and fill it up after, at a Starbucks or at any water dispenser or buy a bottle at any duty free shop at the airport and bring it on your flight.

You will be so happy to have your own bottle of water with you. It’s so important to stay hydrated and for that reason the flight stuff brings water too rare, in my opinion.

3. Entertainment

Not too long ago I signed up for Netflix and since then I always make sure to have downloaded a few series and movies when going on a trip. Especially when it’s a longer plane ride. I always get more excited when I know I might start a new series or will finally watch the movie I wanted to watch for a long time.

Another thing is that I always have music, audiobooks and podcasts downloaded. It’s probably my favorite thing to do when I am on a plane because you can just sit back, relax and listen to something inspiring and something which makes you happy and get excited for the new adventure.

Another obvious entertainment tip is books and magazines. A plane ride is the prefect time for reading a book without a lot of distractions. If you have a really good, exciting book it will kill sooo much time. I promise.

4. Neck Pillow

A game changer. Just saying. I am so used to a neck pillow that I even bring one to the shortest flight. You can relax way better with a neck pillow and falling asleep in an aisle seat is not as impossible anymore as without a neck pillow. Again. Just saying 😀

I have one you can blow up, so it doesn’t even take any space!

5. Disinfectant Wipes

So logical, I know but for some reason I just discovered disinfectant wipes now. I’ve always used the gel but wipes are a total game changer! You can wipe surfaces, your shirt (if you spilled something), your hands, just EVERYTHING. They are so easy and handy and just a must have for every trip. Yes, could be I am obsessed with them. Please, don’t judge me 😀

6. Charger

Always bring your phone charger with you. Some airports have charting stations which can be life savors. Even planes have charging options sometimes, so I would recommend you having your charger somewhere good reachable in your hand luggage, so you don’t have to unpack everything to get to your charger.