BLOGGING: How I edit my pictures

Just recently I got asked a lot of times how I edit my pictures and today I will show you my editing process.

Before we start though, I want to make sure that this post is not an general instruction to how every picture should be edited. I know that with me sharing my editing process, it’s more likely to be copied, but I ask you to please not to copy it.

Wouldn’t it be boring if we all edit our pictures the same way? I definitely think so. With this post, I just want to give you an inspiration and maybe some tips you can use for your own pictures and I hope you understand that it’s not original to copy someone else’s photography and editing style.

Thank you for listening and now, let’s jump into the post! 🙂

Okay, so, usually I use the app called VSCO. I like how easy editing becomes with the app and how amazing the filters are. Other apps I use as well are Snapseed, Afterlight and PicsArt.

On the left you can see the original picture. I took it on a rainy day and love how gloomy and gray the picture is. For me, an overcast day is the perfect day to take pictures since the lighting is not too blue or yellow.

On the right you can see me applying the first filter. I usually use A6 since I like how the contrast becomes stronger, how the picture gets a tint lighter and how put together it already looks.

Now, onto the more detailed editing steps.

On the left, you can see how I changed the exposure. It always depends on the picture if I make it brighter or darker. This time I decided a tint brighter would look good.

On the right, I changed the sharpness. I always like my picture a little bit more sharp since Instagram takes the sharpness from them after posting. So, my tip would be to always edit your pictures a little bit more sharp than actually needed If you want to upload them on your feed or story.

On the left picture, you can see how I edited the clarity of the photo. I like the look of clarity but I never like when the picture is too clear. So, I usually stay between 1 and 2.

On the right, I edited the temperature and the color of my picture. These steps also depend on the general lighting and the mood I want to express with the picture. I like warm colored photos, so that is why I usually make it a little bit extra yellow.

And last but not least, just recently, I like my pictures a little bit grainy. I just think it looks really cool. This step, of course, also depends on how you want your pictures to look like and is definitely not everyone’s taste.

Sometimes I leave the picture how it is, after the grain step but sometimes I want it to look even a little bit more warm and that’s when I use the filter called M5. I don’t apply all 100% though since the picture would get way too bright.


And that’s how Books and Peonies edits her pictures 🙂 I really hope I could help some of you out there.

And if you have some other editing tips, then don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!