INTERIOR: 6 tips on how to make your room look more cozy

You know hoooow much I love interior design. That’s why I have a new post about my favorite tips and tricks on how to make your room look more cozy today. I hope you enjoy!


When I was younger I wanted to have every single kind of cacti. I was so obsessed but as older as I got, I lost interest in plants. I always thought they are way too much work and if I don’t  want to have them anymore it’s a lot of work to get rid of them.

To be honest, I really, totally can’t understand the me from back then.

Plants make me so happy. Your room will instantly feel so much more fresh, vivid and happy with plants in it. The feeling when a plant grows a new leaf is so happy since you know that you have done everything right.

I love all of my plants and would recommend everyone to get some. Start with simple ones like the spider plant, snake plant or an aloe vera. With these rather simple ones you can try if you enjoy caring for plants and if you do, then upgrade your game!

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Fairy Lights

Oh, yes. I am SUCH a big fan of fairy lights. I feel like they fill every corner of my room and make everything so much cozier. Like, instantly.

At night I looove switching off every big lights in my room and just have the fairy lights on and candles lit. It’s so lovely.

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Blankets + Pillows

I have SO many blankets and pillows, it’s not even funny anymore. Literally. My bed consists of so many blankets that I have to put some off my bed when I am going to sleep or I would vanish underneath them.

My tip: Especially if you would like to take a picture of your bed and want it to look very cozy, then put as many blankets on your bed as possible. Maybe arrange them that they touch the floor which I personally love a lot. Also, put a lot of pillows on your bed and arrange them in a nice order. Of course, style is different but that is what I personally love 🙂

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Mix differernt materials

When I was little (I’ve always been obsessed with decorating and rearranging furniture) I never wanted to have wooden pieces in my room. I wanted to have everything in one color. Super duper white and clean.

Obviously, this opinion changed over time. Now, I love mixing up different wooden material and colors with white and love how it looks. All white would be too cold for my room since it tends to be very dark, so a combination of both is perfect.

My tip: Maybe start with one wood color and then see what looks good together. Definitely have matching wood/color pieces in your room, so you can see a pattern. The brain likes patterns, so it will instantly feel more put together and matching 🙂

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I never thought that a carpet can make your room look so much more put together. I love carpets. They are not only perfect for cold winter days but they also add a finished look to your room.

Since the carpet I have is so soft, I looove reading or just sitting on it and doing my makeup in front of my mirror. Love it!

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Okay, so this might seem obvious but for some reason, it wasn’t for me. I almost didn’t have any photos in my room (still too less, in my opinion). One day I asked myself what other people might think when they walk inside my room. What I want them to think and what impression I want to have them about me. I am the opinion that when you walk into a room you can kinda tell what kind of person the ‘owner’ is. So, I want them to see that I like hanging out with friends and family, love to read and travel and that my room is my happy places which combines everything.

So, definitely get some of your favorite pictures printed and hang them in your room. Pictures of happy moments will make you happy as well. I promise 🙂