DIY: Unique Accessories for your room

DIYs are so much fun and since it seemed like you really enjoyed my last post, I thought I am going to share a list of all of my favorite room DIYs I did, with you. They are super easy, you will not need a lot of material but they are still so cute!

So, with no further do, let’s head into today’s post.

Decorate your own pots

This is one of my favorite things to do! Not only can I be with my plants but I can also be creative. Terracotta pots are one of the cheapest pots you can get. To make them to something special just take a brush and some paint (wall paint worked for me the best) and set your creativity free.

Since I have a lot of white accessories in my room, I felt like pots with white details were the most fitting new additions and I have to say that I love how they turned out.

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Make your own fairy-light lamp

I received a lot of questions about my self-made lamp which makes me really happy since it is such a simply DIY!

All you need is

  • A thick branch (length depends!)
  • Light bulb or fairy lights chain
  • Cabel Ties
  • A rope
  • Hooks

All you will do is wrap the chain around the branch, fix it with the cable ties, tie the rope around both ends and hang it up with the hooks.

Easy, peasy, am I right?

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Use propagated plants as decoration

One of the cutest accessories, at least in my opinion are to use propagated plants. Not only are you making a new baby plant but they also look so cute and unique in your room. The coolest is when they get a lot of roots and you have them in glass vases, so you can see the rooting system. So interesting, easy and a perfect addition for your room decoration!

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Make your own shelves

The only storage space my desk has are a few drawers but I was always missing space for all of my notebooks and since I tended to get more and more plants I wanted something like a shelf where I can arrange them on.

I was looking through Pinterest and various websites but all shelves were too expensive or they weren’t exactly what I liked. So, one day, I found these old wooden boxes and they were perfect for my craft.

This is really the most simple DIY. You just put them on top of each other an voila, there you have a very cute, self-made shelf which you can decorate perfectly.

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What has been your favorite DIY?

xo, Franziska