Instagram Guide: How to work with brands

Over the time, when my blog began to grow and I received more cooperation requests, I often found myself helpless because not many influencer talk about how to work with brands. I kind of understand it but at the same time I don’t. Nowadays it’s no secret that people make money with Instagram cooperations and I think that we should be more open about it.

That’s the reason why I am writing this blog post. Maybe I can help some of you with my tips and make cooperations even more fun for you 🙂

Best way to communicate?

I would always recommend communicating with brands via email. You will have the best overview and it makes a collaboration so much easier, at least it is for me. With an email program you can organize the cooperation request, save important documents and if you answer them on your computer desktop (which is what I do), you’ll have the best overview with the big screen.

Instagram DMs are fine but it’s hard to find a certain information between all those messages and I always feel like I don’t have the best overview since not only brands are messaging you, but also your friends and followers. Everything can get mixed up really quick, so email, it is 🙂

Is it okay to share my Personal Data / Address?

Giving away your personal data can be very scary. Sometimes I still don’t really like giving out my shipping address because it is such a valuable, private information.

So, my (probably) most important tip: Just give out your address if you feel 100% good about the company and feel like you can trust them. I would never give out my address to a random company, I didn’t do a background check on. It’s so important and I would recommend everyone to do it.

Look up their website, Instagram, their policy page, with how many influencers they’ve already collaborated, how many followers they have etc. and ALWAYS tell them not to share your personal data with any third parties. Again, it’s SO important.

ALSO, another very important point is to decide for yourself if the company represents the things and values you stand for. Don’t just accept products and campaigns for money. It’s not authentic but that’s exactly what we want to be, am I right? We want to be authentic and if a company can help you with that, then even better 🙂

Should I contact brands or should I wait until they contact me?

Usually not. I did it once and it turned out to be one of the best collaboration I’ve ever done. But not usually.

To be honest, though, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t. You have to see it like that. Instagram is so huge, there are so many amazing accounts out there and it’s just impossible for a company to discover all of them. So, why not introduce yourself ? Tell them why you think you would be a good fit, what your pictures stand for, what your goals with your accounts are and how you want to inspire others with your work. I am sure, they will love you!

And think about it: The worst thing which can happen is them saying no but then at least you have tried and that says a lot about yourself! 🙂

Can I ask for money? And if yes, how much should I ask for?

My opinion about the money topic definitely changed over the time. When I started getting requests, I became so excited and probably would have done almost everything (meaning taking a ridiculous amount of pictures, stories etc.).

But at this point, right now, my picture taking process has changed so much, my time is more limited and my personal standards are higher. I know how much work, time and effort goes into just one picture and when making a deal with a brand you’ll need to have that in mind.

A few thoughts which might help you the money decision:

  • Consider how big and popular the company is. If they are successful and your work means something to them, then you can definitely ask for money. You have to have in mind, that if they really want to work with you, they’ll make it work.
  • If the company doesn’t want to pay or asks for an ridiculous amount of pictures in exchange for money , then ask yourself if it’s really worth the effort and time. Because often it isn’t.
  • If the value of the product is very high, you could consider not to ask for a paid collaboration since the product is already of great value.
  • If I really, really like the company and its work, then I don’t ask for money. It’s an honor for me to work with them and taking pictures is fun 🙂 (Fun Fact: Almost all my collaborations aren’t paid ones :))
  • Decide on an reasonable amount of money you can ask for one post (+story) and stick to it at the beginning. Sometimes they would want to pay less, sometimes more but that is always negotionabel. I started with 50 Euros and went a bit higher now but really, it depends. Just that you get an idea 🙂


Yayyy, so that’s a wrap. I really, truly hope that you enjoyed this post and found my tips helpful. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am always open for your questions and concerns 🙂