AU-PAIR: 10 Reasons why you should become an Au-Pair

I know that the au-pair application time for next summer starts around now. At least that was the time I applied for my agency two (!!) years ago. So, I thought I am going to give you a few arguments WHY being an Au-Pair is the best experience ever.

Hopefully, I can convince some of you! 🙂

1. You’ll get to know another country very very well

You will get to know another country the way you will never get to know it when you go there just on vacation. The thing is that you HAVE to talk to locals, need to get out of your comfort zone and explore. You will know how the people are really like and not just how they behave in front of tourists and well, I didn’t get disappointed! So, it’s probably one of the coolest plus points of going and living abroad.

2. The bond between you and your host kids

Okay, so there hasn’t passed a day where I didn’t think about my two favorite little human beings. I miss them so much. My host dad texted me a few days ago that the older one said how much she misses me. MY HEART. The bond between me and the girls grew so so much over the time and it is the best thing ever. It can be quite a struggle to get into their little hearts but when you did it, they will never let you go again. It is the best feeling when they see you as one of their people they can come to every time they are sad or happy and just need someone to cuddle with.

I miss them so so so so much.

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3. You will have so much freedom

Okay, of course not all the time but now that I started university, I realized again how free I was back then. Of course, I had my “work hours” but in my free time I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to do. I signed up for an Italian Language Class, I went to the gym, I wrote so so many blogposts, I went exploring, met friends at Starbucks etc. I didn’t have to sit in a class and study a lot which was a nice break, to be honest and much needed.

So, if you are looking for something like this, then I can definitely recommend working as an Au-Pair. Even though you have to work, you will have a lot of freedom and can try out so many new things.

4. You will learn to take over responsibility

With responsibility I don’t only mean over yourself but also over one, two or more kids which can sound very scary, I get it, believe me. From the beginning on I knew that I would have to take the kids to school and after school activities with the car and was so scared about this responsibility. What if I would have gotten into a car accident? What if I wouldn’t have found the right way? But I got used to it and so will you.

Always remember: safety first. But things will happen. They can fall and even though you will feel bad and sad about it, you will grow a lot with this situation and will know what to do to prevent something similar happing next time.

5. You will improve your English (or any other language) so so much!

You have to talk and speak in another language 24/7 and living in another country is the best school to learn a language. I wasn’t really scared of talking in English all day long, mostly because I love the language a lot and I don’t have a problem with asking people for certain expressions or words. I know though that some are. But let me tell you this, like the responsibility situation, you will get used to it faster than you can imagine.

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6. You will meet new people who will impact your life so much

With new people I mean for example your host parents, the lady from school, other Au-Pairs, the grandparents at the playground, the couple next to you on the plane and so on. In the middle of my Au-Pair year I started to make a list where I put down all the great people who talked to me and had a positive impact on me. I love so much looking back at this list and all those memories.

Also, all the friends you’ll make will be so special since you are sharing this unique experience. I met one of my dearest, closest friends in Canada and I’ll see her on New Year’s Eve this year which I am SO excited about! I can’t waiiit!!

7. You will get to know yourself  better and will grow a lot as a person

Over the year I learned so many new things about myself. I now know that I AM able to pull through things, that I am not someone who gives up easily. I know for sure now, that I looove to procrastinate and that I can organize someone else’s life way better than my own.

All these different situations made me the person I am now. I don’t know if I would have been able to go to university, a year ago. Probably not. This year helped me grow so so much and I am definitely more of an adult right now, compared to a year ago.

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8. You can concentrate on the things you love and you’ll have the opportunity to try out new things

As I mentioned before, I signed up for an Italian class because I wanted to stay in practice in Canada. I don’t think I would have signed up for one at home. In fact, I am so NOT in practice right now. At home I would have thought way too much about why it would be a bad idea, about the opinion of other people and I would have probably been busy with so many other things. In Canada I just did it. Now, that I am writing this down, I am wondering how I was so courageous and why I am not like this right now haha

ANYWAYS, I also went to the gym for the first time which wasn’t as bad and as scary as I expected it to be. Would I have tried it out at home? Nope. Too many people around judging.

So, my recommendation, use this great opportunity of being anonymous and just do things. The people at the new place don’t know you. It is so so much easier, I promise!

9. You will learn not to take things for granted

It is so easy to take the things around you for granted. Your friends and family. They are around you all the time and you can go and ask them for advice or just a hug when you need one. But with being away from home, you’ll notice how much you took these things for granted. You will feel wayyy more grateful about a phone call or a conversation with your loved ones. You will feel so much more grateful for the new people you meet because it’s not for granted that you meet them, if that makes sense.

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10. I PROMISE you will have the best time of your life

Of course, it will be hard and you will have sad times and times where you just want to go home BUT if you work through them, distract yourself with those amazing, new opportunities and friends then, I promise, you will have the best time of your life.

Living abroad, being an Au-Pair is an experience, no-one will be able to take from you. It’s an opportunity you will never get again and I would recommend every single one of you to just do it.

It’s an amazing experience and I wish I could go back in time and relive it. It was seriously the best time in my life so far.


Hope, I was able to convinced some of you 🙂

Franziska xo