In 2019 I want to take more care of myself and my body. That has been one of my resolutions for years now and somehow I always kind of fail. Please tell me, I am not the only one 🌚 But now, that I have this blog and all of you, my beautiful readers, I want to get this challenge/resolution started and I would be more than happy if you’d join 🙂

It is so important to take care of ourselves, to pay attention to what we put on and in our bodies. That’s why I want to start this little challenge series on my blog/Instagram. So, basically, I want to try releasing one new challenge every month, such as working out a few times a week, eating sugar-free or no-meat, getting into meditation, writing in a journal every day, etc. I think you get what I mean 🙂

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I have no idea yet if it will work out if you will like it and whatsoever BUT I’ll try my very very best!

So, for this month I wanted to try out not putting any makeup on my skin.

If you’ve been following me for a longer time, you know that my skin has never been the best but after coming back from Canada, it got way worse. I changed up my product game and am now using waaayyy less and better quality skin products but it’s still far from perfect.

That’s why I want to try out this challenge for this month and hopefully give my skin a little break and myself a confidence boost.

I am going to write down some rules and things to pay attention to during the challenge for myself and of course, if you want to join, I would be the happiest person 🙂 let’s do this together!!

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Okay, so here are some “rules”:

  • Stick to one good skin care set. I use four different products from the same company. So, I have two different cleansers and two moisturizers, one of them is tinted. These are the products I am going to be using every morning and every night. Nothing else. We don’t want to confuse our skin 🙂
  • If you want to feel fancy a few times, allow yourself one to two “cheating” products. I think for myself, I am going to be using mascara and a lip product. I don’t break out around my eyes, so I think a mascara would work for me 🙂
  • Drink A LOT of water. Try to go without any soda, pop or juices. I, myself don’t drink any soda, simply because I am fructose intolerant and soda has a huge amount of sugar in it. I am going to try though, to drink more tea than coffee. You know, I am a big caffeine addict and this has to change a tiny bit. I will start by just drinking one cup of coffee a day and then hopefully minimize that amount as well.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you are not happy, your skin isn’t going to be happy. At least that sounds reasonable to me. So, if you have a bad day where you crave soda, then please go ahead and allow yourself to have one. That is not bad and it will help you to feel better which is the most important thing.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So, everything is set, I think 🙂

Of course, I will keep you posted and update you on my Instagram and on here to let you know how the challenge is going.

If you want to join, then write a comment under this post or dm me on Instagram and we can motivate each other 🙂 Would be so much fun!! Okay. Are you ready for this January challenge? Yeah? Me too!

Ready, set and go!

xo, Franziska

7 replies on “Let’s start 2019 with a Challenge: 30 Days w/o Makeup

  1. Love this idea!! I’m a big fan of going without make-up for the same reasons: my skin breaks out like crazy when I wear make-up for even one day, so I try to keep my skin clean and fresh. That also means that when I do put on make-up, it becomes a fun, special occasion. Good luck with this month ❤

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  2. This is a lovely idea! While it’s interesting, I do enjoy putting on makeup. However, I don’t mind going without it. I just have a good face for insane makeup looks, and I like to test things out! I’ll try using less makeup this month! I don’t think people should wear makeup for the wrong reasons, and I’m glad you’re doing this idea! 🙂

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  3. Hey Franziska! I adored your challenge. It’s so good for ourselves. I’m thinking about starting it because I also wanted to change some of my bad habits. I have an acne oil face so your rules can realy help me. I don’t know how can i have a good mood when exams are coming and that’s get me nervous. But it will pass. I don’t know if I will pass… 😛
    Okay. I’ll try my best! 🙂 You are not alone at this. I will let you know how it’s going.

    Maria Brenta
    Blogger |


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