I am in the middle of summarizing topics, reading texts and studying for exams. If I am not being consequent, then I will get very easily distracted and will procrastinate until I am tired and don’t have any energy left for the actually studying.

That is a very bad habit/characteristic of myself and I am constantly trying to work on it.

I asked you a few times now on my Instagram if you have any tips and wow, I was flashed  by all your comments and helpful tips. That’s why I wanted to write them all down and share a list, YOU created.

I hope you like this post and that it will help a lot of us!! 



⦿ APPS: Flow Time, Pomodoro, Forest, Coffitivity (just downloaded this one and LOVE it! Big recommendation)

⦿ Listen to chill / classical music or a movie soundtrack

⦿ Know why you want to accomplish your goal

⦿ Try to study in a café / bibliotheca

⦿ Print a weekly calendar + make a weekly study plan

⦿ Break down your to-do list into smaller portions

⦿ Give yourself breaks – your brain can concentrate for just about 35 – 45 minutes at a time

⦿ Set specific study times (e.g. one hour in the morning and one hour at night)

⦿ Make studying a habit

⦿ Clean + organize your desk

⦿ Make yourself a cup of your favorite beverage + have snacks and water near by

⦿ Start studying for just 15 minutes. Just do it.

⦿ Avoid your phone and do something creative and relaxing during your breaks (e.g. reading one chapter in your book, play an instrument, go to the gym)

⦿ Put your phone on do not disturb / switch it off / put it away

⦿ Use cute Stationary

⦿ Diffuse Peppermint or Clarity

F3F3F2A1-E382-43CA-A1ED-9B41A9FE9E18.JPGProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

xo, Franziska

2 replies on “UNI LIFE | Concentration, Studying + Procrastination Tips

  1. I’m currently studying for my first exam at university ever! Not sure if I should be happy that I am only going to write one “real” exam and two assignment or if I should cry, haha. But thank you for your tips 🙈
    xo, Ruth

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