February Challenge: Making Meditation a Habit

New month, new challenge!

This month I want to concentrate on a healthier mindset and therefore get back into my beloved mediation.

I’ve been a big meditation fan for years now and have been very consequent with practicing it every day last summer. My run streak was 76 days until one day, I’ve been so busy and totally forgot about it. Ever since then it has become harder to get back into a routine, especially from Friday to Sunday, when I am off Uni.

But, we are here to make changes, right?

Since I am taking my finals this month (urghhh) I think it’s even more important to have a calm mindset, stay focused and take deep breaths.

I am going to be taking the 30-Days Letting Go of Stress Course by Headspace. Perfect for the upcoming stressful weeks.

Now, I know not everyone wants to sign up and pay for a meditation course. Therefore I am challenging you to download a mediating app (e.g. Headspace, Calm or The Mindfulness App; You can also go on YouTube and do guided meditations, if you’d like to. Headspace has a YouTube Channel as well: click here) and do one of their free beginner courses for 10 Days. Just 10 days. One meditation a day.
It can be hard at the beginning, I know that but you will benefit from it very quickly and I couldn’t live without my Headspace anymore, really.

Another person telling you to relax and take deep breaths, helps so so so much!!

So, who is ready to do some meditation??

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