My favorite sustainable brands

For 2019 I wanted to try to replace more things with its more sustainable version and give sustainable brands a try. So far I haven’t been disappointed and it was way easier than I expected. So, in this post, I want to introduce you to my favorites so far + give you a couple of tips on how to be more sustainable.

Right here I also want to say, that I am far from living the perfect sustainable life. I know that and I have to go a long way to get there but you need to start somewhere and I will tell you now where I started 🙂


Organic Basics is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and was founded by four friends, wanting to change the fashion industry. They launched a SilverTech Basics line which is actually “a heat-regulating, antibacterial, odorless collection of basics for men and women that require[s] less frequent washing” (read their brand story here). Besides they also sell Organic cotton shirts and underwear and sustainable accessories which I was allowed to try out.

I wear a lot of white shirts. They are perfect classic pieces that you can wear all the time and style in so many different ways. Since I am wearing a lot of shirts, I am very picky when it comes to them. I don’t like it when they are too oversized or too tight fitting. With the Organic Basic’s organic cotton women’s tee, I think, I found my favorite one so far (find it here). It fits perfectly, the fabric is so so soft and they sell it definitely for a reasonable price (sometimes sustainable fashion can be SO expensive!).

Their cotton underwear is also so so comfy and a big recommendation of mine if you need some good basics (find it here).

Another thing I want to mention: I was looking for wooden toothbrushes for a long time now. At first, because I was curious if they really work like the plastic version. Now, I know they definitely do + they are better for the environment. I am far away from living the perfect sustainable life but in my opinion toothbrushes and basics, in general, are a good and easy way to start. I’ve been using my Organic Basics one for a few weeks now and am very happy with it (find it here). Your mouth definitely needs to adjust to it at first but that goes so quickly and I don’t feel a difference anymore.

You can use my discount code PEOOBC until the 24th of August to get 10% off your order. The value doesn’t matter!


I’ve been looking for reusable Makeup Wipes for a while now and stumbled across Bambusliebe on Amazon (find them here). My reasons why I decided to get this brand and not one of the hundreds of others was because they promoted that you can remove Makeup with only water and no additional makeup remover. They are also based in Germany which I support since I am living in Germany.

I’ve used the Makeup Wipes a few times now and really like them. They feel very nice on your skin and are easy to wash. Even though you get a lot of your Makeup removed with only water, a little splash of makeup remover would do no harm, just saying 😉

But all in all, if you are just looking for reusable Makeup wipes and still don’t mind using. a little bit of Makeup remover (you really don’t need a lot), they are amazing! Super soft, perfect size and the packaging is total without plastic which I’ve seen for the first time if I am being honest.


When Erlich Textil reached out to me, the first thing I immediately loved about them was that they are locally based. My mom and I read their brand story and we both fell in love with what they are promoting and their values in general (read their story here).

So, of course, I felt very honored when they asked if I want to try out one of their beddings. If you know my Instagram account, you know that my room is totally representing myself with lots of books, plants, fairy light, pillows, and blankets. Erlich Textil‘s bedding was just a perfect fit and I’ve been sleeping under their bedding and on their pillowcase ever since I received the package.

The bedding is made out of 80% cotton and 20% linen and honestly, you totally feel that. It is so soft and nice on your skin that you really don’t want to leave your bed anymore. Their products are produced in Portugal under fair and transparent working conditions, always paying attention to the environment and their workers. I adore them really from the bottom of my heart and would recommend you guys to have a look at their website. Big love!!

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MY RECOMMENDATION: Reusable Water Bottle + Bag

I bought my reusable water bottle back in Canada, right at the beginning when I arrived. I noticed that EVERYONE had one and my host family actually never bought plastic water bottles, so I was forced to buy my own one. The kids had their own reusable bottles and it was just something SO normal there. So, as soon as I saw one (which was in Starbucks) I bought it and use it ever since. I seriously love it so so much because not only is it reusable, it also keeps your water cold and looks very cute.

Also, a tip I have for you: You probably know that water at the airport is SO expensive. Like ridiculously overpriced. So, just bring your empty water bottle in your hand luggage and fill it up after security. In the United States or Canada I always filled it up at Starbucks (it’s free!!) which is so convenient and you can be sure that the water is good quality. Sometimes they also have drinking fountains that are perfect for a bottle fill-up!

Another big thing are reusable bags. I am actually a little bit shocked at how good the concept is working in Germany right now. Most of the stores only sell paper or reusable bags and if they still have plastic ones, you have to buy them. I have a little basket in my room where I collect all kinds of cute reusable bags and IF you get a plastic bag, then just reuse it. No need to throw it away 🙂

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