Pink Brick Walls + 12 Things

I am on semester break right now and thought I’d give you a little update because you know how much I love the 12-Things posts. Have fun!

(1) You have no idea how freezing I was during this outfit shoot. But I have to say I love how the pictures turned out. This pinkish brick wall was so perfect and I love my camera from shoot to shoot even more.

(2) My plants have been making me so happy lately, especially my lovely Monstera and Fiddle Leaf Tree. They are both growing new baby leaves and I’ve literally been waiting for this for so so so long.

(3) I just recently thought about quitting instagram for a while. I felt like people weren’t liking what I was creating anymore and I wasn’t feeling confident with what I was posting, how I felt and looked and just the whole situation was kinda blah. I still want to cut down the time I spend on social media and concentrate more on my blog, reading, being present in the moment and not having to share everything all the time. The thing is that I LOVE taking pictures. I love the process of editing and writing captions. I just want to make sure I have a good life besides Instagram as well. It’s so so important to look after ourselves.

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(4) Recently I started reading The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald and I am loving it so so much. It’s a thriller and usually I am so not a big fan of scary stories but this one had me from page one. It’s so good!! You need to check it out!

(5) I am currently in the process of creating a spring playlist and plan on including it in a blog post. I usually don’t like to share music and I talked about this before. For me it’s just something very personal and I feel like you can look right through my soul with the songs and artists I like to listen to. But just a few days ago I listened to a playlist a blogger shared and loved it so much that I thought I can try it out as well and see if you guys like it or not. Definitely let me know!

(6) My skin has been getting worse again and I have literally no idea what else I am supposed to do. For some time it looked so good and now it’s just nahhh. I already cut out dairy and have been eating so so healthy lately. No meat, no dairy, no sweets but still, it doesn’t look good. How long can it possibly take?!

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(7) Since I am on semester break right now, I thought I am gonna use my time wisely and got myself a job. Yayyy! I will save up the money I am earning for my big Canada trip this summer. I am so excited to see my host family again and can literally not wait. I hope I can manage traveling by myself and get there without missing my flights, getting kidnapped our lost 😀 If you have any tips for solo traveling, send them along!

(8) Who else agrees that Eat, Pray, Love is such an inspiring movie? I could watch it over and over again and especially love the parts when she is in Italy and India. Okay, wait, actually I love all parts. It’s such a timeless, inspiring and heart warming movie!

ALSO big big big recommendation! I rewatched Wonders and cried out my eyes again. I love this movie so so so much. It breaks my heart every time and all characters are just wow. Please, do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s SO good. Beyond good!!

(9) I bought myself some new essential oils and ohhh boy, I love them so much. Before, I always bought the cheap drug store ones until my mom told me they aren’t good for your health in general. That’s why I went to the pharmacy and got myself one (!) essential oil, definitely from the more pricier side and honestly I never thought the difference would be so big and noticeable. I am trying to save up some money and allow myself to buy one high quality one from now and then because it’s so important to look after your health. Always surround yourself with things that are good for you.

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(10) VERY random but for some weird reason I’ve been loving videos like Strangers call their crush to ask them on a date on YouTube. I love seeing how people react and how almost everyone gets a yes back. I mean, isn’t that hope for the world?!

(11) I’ve been making myself pancakes for breakfast almost every morning this week. It’s such an easy recipe and they are so healthy! Okay, all you need is 1 egg1 banana1/3 cup of oats + a dash of chia seeds. Put everything in a blender, then fry them in a pan and tadaaa! The best pancakes you could ask for!

(12) Guys, the weirdest thing is happening. I can’t finish watching The Vampire Diaries. I think my head realized that the whole thing would be over if I continued watching and now I just want to procrastinate watching as long as possible. WEIRD, I know!

And that is it! Another post filled with 12 random things of my life. I love those posts so much because I can just talk to you, be honest and ramble. Hope you don’t mind!

xo Franziska

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