Room Makeover ⎪ Re-doing my sister’s bedroom

As a lot of you might know my sister Sarah and I redid our other sister’s bedroom just recently. She wanted me to do that since forever but the time never seemed right. Now, that she turned 18, we thought it would the perfect birthday present, and let me tell you: It definitely was 🙂

I never thought it would be so much fun to redecorate a room, make a plan for how everything is supposed to look in the end, go shopping, do crafts and then see the finished product.

I am so happy how everything turned out and the differences are insane! My mom knitted that amazing, soft blanket and my sister Sarah made one pillowcase, a garland, and the beige fabric baskets. They are both so amazing and talented!!

Our main goal was to make the room cozier. Adding pillows and blankets made the biggest difference but the brown wooden crates and the plants helped so much as well.

The other details are just some decorations we thought were cute and fitting and I thought it was so important to keep her pictures and her soccer autographs since they mean so much to her.

We used a lot of blue tones and natural colors which go together so well!

But now, with no further do, let’s see the before and after pictures.

Entrance Area

Before the makeover, my sister had that weird hanger with all her scarves and hats hanging on. We definitely wanted a better solution and I loved how that little corner turned out. The wood adds a lot of warmth in that corner and that little basket keeps all her scarves in one place. On the backside of her big closet, we hung up some of our favorite pictures which definitely adds a nice, personal touch.


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The bed

Probably my favorite part of the room. I am obsessed with how it turned out. Like I said before, the main differences were the pillows + the blanket and the new sheets, of course. They fit the color scheme perfectly and the best thing was that we already had them at home. You can save so much money if you look around your house before going shopping and see what you already own and can reuse.

Besides the crates, we added some plants and put all her books in one place on her nightstand. I love the little tray on her windowsill which is one of her old picture frames, turned upside down, holding all plant related stuff. Definitely a way cheaper version instead of buying a new one and it fits the whole room perfectly, in my opinion.


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The wall

Okay, since it belongs to the bed area, it is also my very favorite part of the room. I love every single piece so so much and love how everything looks together.

We knew we wanted a map since she likes them so much. I found this one over at and it was even cheaper than the ones at my local bookstores. The color goes perfectly with the other brown tones and I am absolutely obsessed with that little bamboo flower. It is so cute and was so affordable! Her friend made this amazing memory frame and for the last birthday, I got her that cute dog print. Like I said, I am so in love with how everything fits together and is definitely my favorite part of the room.


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The desk area

How huge is this difference, please?! So much more colors, details, and coziness. My sister Sarah made this very adorable garland and the fresh flowers make everything more lively and bright. We added our favorite pictures and her beloved autographs for the personal touch. The whole area looks so much more inviting and I personally would love to study at this desk.


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The TV Stand / Dresser

I always find this corner the hardest of all. A TV is not a very pretty accessory to a room, but I love challenges, and I am quite happy how this one turned out.

To make the TV look cuter and to make it fit better in the environment, we framed it with different little accessories which go together with the color scheme and style of the room. I made this little garland a few months ago and thought it looked perfectly over the TV. My sister and I found these cute little pottery bowls which I love SO much. They are perfect for jewelry or as candle holders. So cute!

Add a plant and there you go. Right here you see that not a lot of decorations are needed to get a cozy atmosphere.


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Vanity Area

We stayed pretty minimalistic with this part of the room. My talented little sister sewed these little baskets to put makeup, brushes and other little things in. They are made of the same fabric as the pillowcase and the garland which is a nice detail and rounds everything off, in my opinion. Super easy but I love how it turned out.


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And there you go. A brand new, bright and happy room.

What is your favorite after-effect? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Thanks for reading,

xo Franziska