5 Steps to a more sustainable lifestyle

Before we start…

Over the past few months, I got a lot more interested in sustainability. In this post, I talked about my favorite sustainable brands and today I want to give you five little steps you can include into your daily routine to make your life a little more sustainable. I am sure a lot of you already heard about them but the hardest part, at least for me, is to practice them. So, maybe you could see this post as a little reminder and really try to start doing them.

Two things before we start though.

First of all, I want to mention that I am not perfect. I am far away from practicing a perfect sustainable lifestyle. I know, so many people are talking about that topic at the moment and it can be so overwhelming but I think it is so important to remember that we are all just humans and can’t be perfect at everything we do. We don’t have to. The important thing is that we try.

Second of all, I don’t want to be the person who tells you what to do. Everybody is their own person and everybody should decide for themselves what works for them. I truly and honestly respect everyone’s decision. This is just a post about things I do and I thought I am going to share them because I felt like a lot of you were interested in it.

Okay, I just wanted to mention that real quick but now, have fun with the post.

But now, let’s start!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

I was very skeptical about bamboo brushes, to be honest. I don’t know, but I always thought they could never be as good as the ‘real’ toothbrushes.

The ones I got are really, really soft. Almost too soft. I mean, they are good but I am not 100% convinced. In the beginning, I always felt like my teeth were not getting clean. Now, it is better since I got more used to it but I am still looking out for medium soft ones or however you wanna call them. Any recommendations?

Nonetheless, it is a great and important change you can do. I am happy I did it and don’t you think they look so much more aesthetically pleasing than the plastic ones?

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Reusable Shopping Bags

This one is a very obvious tip in my opinion. But still, I often forgot to bring my own bag and then ended up spending money on a paper one which is not bad but also not ideal. So, what I started doing is putting one reusable bag in every single purse or backpack I own. Right after using it I try to put it back inside (the hardest part, honestly). I also have one in my car and my Uni backpack. It is super easy but hard at the same time.

So, if you are reading this, stop now, go to your purse, put one little bag inside, do a little happy dance because you did it and then come straight back to finish reading this bomb post 😉

Metal/Bamboo Straws

I bought my metal straws just a few weeks ago and have been using them ever since. I got this pack off Amazon and love that it comes with different straw sizes plus a little cotton bag. I keep half of them at home and the other half in my purse, so I can use them whenever I get an iced coffee or something else. It’s so easy and I never thought that they would be so affordable.

Something really great is that the European Parliament has decided to abandon a lot of throw-away plastic products by 2021. Including straws, plastic plates, and cups. Definitely a step into the very right direction.

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Shampoo/Conditioner Bars

About a month ago I went to Lush and treated myself to a shampoo and conditioner bar. I wanted to try them for a long time but was always too scared they would dry out my hair or be too harsh on my scalp since I heard so many mixed opinions about them.

I am very happy though that I haven’t noticed any of two things at all. A lot of shampoos and conditioners I’ve used before always left my hair oily. After washing, it looked even greasier than before. Now, I feel like my hair is really, truly clean. Both, the conditioner and the shampoo, smell amazing and if you were wondering if a shampoo bar foams, let me tell you, it definitely can.

Another cool part about them is that you can take them in your hand luggage and they will not count as liquids, obviously. Isn’t that cool? I was so excited about that fact. Definitely perfect for every traveler out there.

I linked both products here and here if you are interested. Definitely try it out!

Reusable Makeup Pads

Big thing as well. My reusable makeup pads are by Bambusliebe. They are great and I use them for removing all my makeup but unfortunately, they don’t get everything off perfectly.

Also, a little confession: I still use cotton wipes for my toner. With the reusable makeup pads, I feel like they are soaking up all the product and nothing is left on my face. I know, it is not ideal but I am still looking for another option. Some thinner makeup pads maybe. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!


Are you into the sustainable lifestyle? If yes, what is your favorite part about it?IMG_5883