I just went inside after taking some pictures for my Instagram account to see how they turned out. I am always so impatient and so, like always, I went straight to my Canon App and transferred the pictures to my phone. While doing that I went through some older pictures on my SD card and sorted out the ones I didn’t need anymore. That’s when I stumbled upon a folder with pictures taken on the 4th of May. Almost a month ago.

I remember it being a very cold day but that didn’t stop me from getting into my new workout clothes and taking some pictures. I wanted them to look perfect since I love the brand so much. My sister helped me taking the pictures and after taking a bunch she showed me how they turned out. I wasn’t happy at all and that’s why I haven’t touched them ever since. I totally forgot about them, until today.

The first thing I noticed when I was looking at the pictures was my body. Of course. My not fully flat belly and my hips. The lighting wasn’t really flattering and showed the things I wanted to hide. As my eyes moved upwards and stopped at my face though, I hesitated. Wait, I look SO happy in these pictures. I went through all of them and all I could see was a very happy girl, enjoying what she was doing and that honestly changed my view on these pictures. The more I look at them now, the more I like and appreciate and love them.

I don’t have a lot of pictures where I look genuinely happy. But on these I do and I can’t even remember what was making me smile so hard.

What I guess I want to say with this post is that it doesn’t matter how your body looks, as long as you are happy. It is not important. With Social Media, it can be so dang hard to not only see perfect lives and perfect bodies. All you end up with is comparison and feeling bad about yourself. That is absolutely not worth it.

I actually just finished listening to a German podcast (check it out here) talking about what ‘beautiful‘ really means and you know what? Just 3% of all women on the earth are perfect. Have a perfect body, skin, and hair. Only T H R E E percent! That is not a lot and should be the reason to accept ourselves the way we are.

Maybe you remember the picture I ended up posting about my new workout clothes. I love it, I really, truly do and the thing is, that is also my body. And I love it for how it looks in that picture. I like that you can see how much stronger and healthier it has become. And of course, the posture and angle were more flattering than in the ones I am sharing today but like I said, that is also my body. A part of what I see in the mirror.

The thing is our body changes so much within hours. It reacts so quickly to sport or food and that is exactly how it should be. We honestly have to be so thankful for the body we have and for keeping us up and going. It allows us to breathe, to love, to eat, to cry, to move and, most importantly, to laugh.

Maybe you also remember that I talked about writing a blog post about how I cleared up my skin, a couple of weeks ago. I was so confident and happy with how much better it has become and was so excited to tell you what worked for me. As soon as the new semester started, my skin got so much worse again. I don’t know if it’s the stress or the air quality or a combination of both of them. The fact is that I don’t feel confident and beautiful anymore and can’t imagine writing this blog post right now. And that is silly because compared to months ago, it has become SO much better.

Never ever would I say to someone else they are not beautiful, the way I say it to myself. Everyone is so beautiful and the world would be so boring if we all looked like the same perfect people. Our bodies tell the stories about what we went through in our lives, about what made us sad and what made us happy. It tells about all the adventures we went on and how we all have grown as a person.

We are on this earth for many more years still and wouldn’t it be unfair towards ourselves and our loved ones to spend our lives wondering if we look good or not? I don’t want that. I want to be happy and grateful for the body I have.

I want that when people look at my face, see a happy, confident girl. The girl, I see in these pictures.

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Thank you so so much for reading this post. It means a lot to me.

I just had to pour out my heart and hope I helped you realize HOW beautiful you are. Because that’s what you are. Absolutely beautiful.





*Also, thank you OrganicBasics for making me feel so beautiful ♥️