June Challenge: Cutting out Bread for a month

I know, we are already deep deep into June but it took me a little bit longer to figure out what I wanted to do for this month. I will also try to do the challenge a bit longer than only to the end of this month, so I am not cheating. But for now, let’s reflect on last month.

Reflection on last month’s challenge: Going Without Social Media for a week

I absolutely loved this challenge. I got so much done during this week and felt a lot more at ease with myself and my surroundings. I definitely would recommend everyone to take out some time of your day/week/month and go offline. It’s best to recharge your energy and so important for your health.

Can’t wait to repeat this challenge more frequently!

…this month’s challenge: Cutting Out Bread for a month

I’ve always loved bread and always ate a lot of it. It’s the perfect snack you can bring anywhere and it always tastes delicious. With university, I found myself eating bread almost every day, multiple times. A toast in the morning, a pretzel for a snack and a sandwich for lunch. Of course, not every day but definitely way too often.

That is why I want to try out going without bread for a month. I want to try out new snack ideas and also put a bit more effort into what I eat.

Recently I also go back into a good workout routine and for once, I would love to see some results. In my opinion, I am eating pretty healthy. I don’t crave a lot of treats or meat and try to only go for plant-based milk. It’s better for my health and skin. My only true weakness is bread (especially wheat) + pastries, so I think it’s time to take a step back and try out healthier options. I found some protein bread, I want to try out and rice cakes which I love anyways.

Though I am really excited about this challenge I am also super stoked to eat some pastries again + those yummy pretzels they sell at our cafeteria. Oh boy, I am so excited.

Some Sack Ideas:

So, as always, if you want to join me, feel free to do so. What is your weakness, food vice?

Until next time!

xo Franziska