Let’s talk about: My favorite shows

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my f a v o r i t e shows with you guys. All of them have a special place in my heart and mean a lot to many. And who knows, maybe your favorite is amongst them as well 🙂

Gilmore Girls

I remember watching the first Gilmore Girls episode in Canada and didn’t really get it or could see myself watching seven seasons of it. I stopped watching after the first one and tried it a few weeks later again and got hooked. Gilmore Girls has become one of my most favorite show on earth if not my favorite. There is something so soothing and calming about it. It always makes me feel happy and relaxed and Lorelai never fails to make me laugh even though I have listened to her jokes multiple times now.

Besides Lorelai and Rory, every single character on this show is priceless. I am a big Kirk and Taylor fan. I love Luke and Lane, Sookie and Lorelai’s parents. I feel like even though not all of them are main characters, they all take up such a big and important role and that’s what makes the show so perfect.

I could go on for hours but I promised myself to keep it nice and short, so to sum this up: Gilmore Girls is the best show to make you laugh and cry, to make you feel relaxed and cozy and it will give you a feeling of coming home. At least that is what I feel, every time I watch it.


This Is Us

Oh boy, oh boy, this show. Okay, so I watched the first season back in Canada when I first got my Netflix subscription. My host mom + grandma told me not to watch it because it is supposed to be super sad. The thing was that I heard so many good reviews about it which made me decide to give it a try and until today, I do not regret it.

I rewatched the first season a few weeks ago and am now in the middle of season two. My heart was ripped out a few times already and I cried like a baby not only once. Though it has its sad parts, this show is so much more. It is about life. The real life. It is about family, about finding yourself, about growing up, about not giving up on life. I feel like I am part of the Pearson family. Every single character is absolutely amazing. Absolutely real. They make me laugh, literally belly laugh. They also make me cry like a baby but that is exactly how life is.

Please, please, please do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s the best.


Our Planet

I just recently started watching Our Planet and can already tell that it is one of my new favorites. My dad always watches documentaries about nature and wildlife, so it has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. There is something so soothing about documentaries and the fact that you learn something new as well, is a great side effect.

Every scene of Our Planet is captured so perfectly. It provides the right amount of information and I never thought animals could make me laugh so much or that I can feel so much empathy with them. Love this show and can’t wait to finish it!



I’ve always been a big Sherlock fan. Something about this show fascinates me. The actors are perfect and it’s the right amount of scariness, suspension, friendship, and love. I am not a huge fan of scary shows and I am actually still surprised that I decided to start watching it back then but the thing is: IT’S SOOO GOOD. Like so so good.

Production and its quality are beyond amazing. The way they capture Sherlock’s thoughts and the way he figures out a case is so mind-blowing and sometimes you might not really get it but in the end, everything makes sense.

I feel like I am not doing good at describing this show and I am not able to give it enough credit, so why don’t you just watch the first episode 🙂 You will literally not regret it!


What is your favorite show?

Thank you so much for reading,