July Challenge: No Buy Month

Ha! Who would have thought that I would be capable of uploading a monthly challenge at the beginning of the month? No-one, I know. But I did it and I am very excited and also a little bit scared for this month’s challenge. Before we dig deeper into this one, let’s reflect on June.

Reflection on last month’s challenge: Cutting out Bread for a month

I am actually pretty proud of myself. I only had bread once when I was working and they didn’t sell anything else for lunch (yep, I forgot to pack my own food) but other than that, I was going pretty strong.

What I ate a lot was fruit and vegetables, protein bread, chia pudding, yogurt and wayyyy too much gelato. A really good mixture, in my opinion, and I loved the challenge. I definitely know now that there are other options and will start eating healthier bread and be more conscious of the amount I consume.

…this month’s challenge: No Buy Month

I saw this challenge on YouTube and was very impressed by the fact that some people don’t spend a penny in the course of 30 days. The reason why I wanted to do this challenge for July is that June has been very expensive. I had to pay a few hundred euros on Uni + apartment stuff and my train ticket is an expansive part of every single month. So, I thought, in July, I won’t spend a penny on unnecessary things, use the stuff I have and bring my own food to Uni.

The challenge is open for exceptions though and as much as I don’t want to have any, there are some I simply can’t go without.

  1. Train ticket
  2. Groceries
  3. Gas
  4. Subscriptions (Gym, Phone, Netflix)

I will make sure though that I don’t use the car if I can use the train.
Another thing: If there is an emergency (health-, family-wise, etc.), you are allowed to spend money on that. But let’s hope there won’t be one!

I am really, really excited about this. Honestly. On the one hand, I feel like it can be very refreshing and makes decisions a lot easier because you know you can’t buy anything. But, on the other hand, it can make stuff like eating, for example also more complicated and more time consuming because you have to prepare your food.

I am sure though, it will be fine. Can’t wait to tell you how it went!

So, as always, if you want to join me, feel free to do so. Have you done a no buy month before?

Until next time!