August Challenge: Read read read

Hello, hello 👋🏼 long time no see! I’ve been kind of absent on here because of exams but I am back now and so ready for this new challenge. Before we talk about this month’s challenge though, let’s reflect on July’s.

Reflection on last month’s challenge: No Buy Month

It is absolutely incredible how less you need in life. How little money you have to spend to be happy. After doing this challenge for one month, I realized it more than ever.

Looking at my bank account, the most money I spent was on was gas. I had to refill my car three times which is a lot but because of exams I had to take the car more often + my sister uses it as well, so I guess that is okay. Oh, also: It’s a tiny car, so it’s empty very very quick.

Other things I spent money on:

>> Subscriptions (Gym, Phone, Netflix)

>>  Food (about 20 Euros)

>> A makeup product because mine was empty and I didn’t have another one at home

So, overall I did pretty well, I’d say. Even though the challenge just ends now, I already noticed that I think twice before I decide to buy anything. Do I really need that? Would it make me happy for more than one day? Do I have something similar at home?

I am so glad I did this challenge and will continue being more conscious about the things I buy. You truly need so little to be happy.

…this month’s challenge: Read read read

Oh, I am so excited about this month’s challenge. I asked my mom what I should do for August and she said ‘read as much as possible’. Okay, so for every bookstagrammer this might sound very easy and basic but I haven’t really been able to read over the past few months because of Uni and just day to day life. So, I wanted to dedicate one whole month to just catch up on all of my unread books and enjoy them to the fullest. It’s also very convenient that summer break starts next week, so that means I will have even more time for reading. I am SO ready for it.

I don’t want to set myself a goal of how many books I have to read but I will try my best and hopefully, get a lot done.

A month-long readathon starts in





Happy reading, my friends!

So, as always, if you want to join me, feel free to do so. How many books do you usually read per month?

Lots of love,