How backward turned books make you less of a reader. Apparently.

I have no idea where this post will go but I have some things to say.

While I was on my way back to the hotel today I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that @reesesbookclub reposted one of my pictures. It is the one above and you can imagine how absolutely excited I was about it.

Well, until I looked at the comments. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of nice comments and I appreciate them but as always you kind of forget about them when negative ones pop up as well. To be honest, I was expecting it. Of course, people had to comment on the way I arrange my books which is *drum roll* BACKWARD. Scandalous, I know. Again?!, I know. I mean, it’s not like the whole bookstagram community has already been through this topic over and over again and I am seriously so sick of it.

I mean COME ON! It’s 2019 and people are being so dramatic and judgy about stuff like that. There are so so so many other more important problems on this earth we should talk about. Turning book spines shouldn’t be one of them.

The thing which makes me, as a book lover, feel sick is that people are labeled as ‘no true readers‘ or ‘weird‘ or ‘sth that has to be fixed‘ for arranging their books that way. Excuse me?! Why would somebody say something rude like that?! Even if it’s just about books, words like these can hurt. I would never even think about judging people who arrange their books in rainbow colors, by genre or author or with the spines facing forward. Why should I? It’s their choice and I don’t mind it as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. It also doesn’t make them less of a reader. Honestly, why would I spend so much money on books if I wouldn’t read them?? They are way too expensive to only serve as decoration.

I accept and fully understand if people don’t like the way I organize my bookshelves but what I do not accept are rude or mean comments. There is absolutely no reason for them.

Wanna know why my books are naughty children and have to face the wall (someone used these exact words on another books-are-arranged-backwards picture):

  • I like the way it looks and believe it or not, I appreciate my books just as much as if they were facing forward
  • I honestly care more about the actual story than the covers (which doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a pretty, aesthetic, thoughtful cover!!).
  • But the most important point: I KNOW MY BOOKSHELVES, guys. I am not dumb. I know where I put my books and believe it or not, I do have a system. You can ask my friends! Every time they ask me for a book I find it in warp speed. No kidding.

So, can we please stop all the judging? It is so not worth it. I am actually kind of mad at myself for spending way too many hours on such an unnecessary topic but I had to write this blog post to finally close it and (try to) never think about it again.

Bookstagram should be a kind and not a hateful community. At least I always experienced it like that. We should be happy about the ability to read and discuss a book because at the end of the day we all read and enjoy the same story, no matter if the book was placed forward or backward.