Hello my loves!

I am Franziska, 19 years old and from Germany aka book lover, star gazer and flower picker. Recently I graduated from high-school and decided to use my free time creating a new blog, with my own domain etc.

As many other blogs, I am going to post book reviews, WoWs and lots of other things.

I’ve had a book blog before, but it was a big mess, that’s why I decided to make a fresh start and put more effort in my love.

Books have always meant a lot to me. It’s fascinating how many different emotions they can incur in different people. They can make you laugh or cry, happy or sad. I love diving into another world, be someone else and just live in my little, own universe with thousands of stars above me and the moon always shining for me.

Reading makes me happy.

Besides reading, flowers, drawing, stars, music, soccer, writing, Sherlock Holmes, taking pictures, dancing and travelling make me smile as well.

With Books and Peonies, I want to share my love for books with you all. Even though, there are thousands of other amazing blogs out there, I hope you’ll come back to my page, dive into an universe of books and peonies and just be happy.

I am looking forward to a beautiful, colorful and magical time with you all!

xo Franziska