Book Review: Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls 2


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2 is a children’s book packed with 100 bedtime stories about the life of 100 extraordinary women from the past and the present, illustrated by 60 female artists from all over the world. This book inspires girls with the stories of great women.

first sentence

To the Rebel Girls of the World:

You are the promise

You are the force

don’t step back,

and everyone

will move forward.

my opinion

When I received the Rebel Girls newsletter, telling me that there will be a sequel to the first book, you can imagine how happy I was. I loved loved loved the first book so much (you can read my review here).

I was excited to see what kind of new Rebel Girls were added to the list and again, I can just say that every single one was portrayed perfectly.

The little texts included the most important informations, fun facts and stories about the girls and women and what I realized again is, that Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls isn’t just a book which is empowering to read but also teaches you so much about different topics like literature, scientific, history, traditions, activism and so on.

You will get a wide range of different girls and women, living at different times, every single one following their own passions and making the world a better place in their own, special way.

After finishing you will be so inspired and happy and hopeful that in the future there will be even more women, stepping up for themselves, helping others while making the world a better place.

Oh, I loved it so much.


What else can I say than that I loved this books and the first one so so much. This time they even included a glossary, explaining hard words to kids. How amazing is that, please?! The illustrations are perfect again as well and I wish I could hang every single portray on wall. Seriously though, I can’t wait to read these books to my kids one day.

So, guys, just go and get it. You will so not regret it! I promise.

my rating: 5/5 ★

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